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Third "breakthrough": Has Stroll arrived in the Formula 1?

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

04. September 2017 – 11:23

Lance Stroll seems to have overcome his initial difficulties

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(cafetheology.org) – Was Monza the final journeyman in the Formula 1 career of Lance Stroll? The 18-year-old shone above all in the rainy qualifying session on Saturday and was allowed to leave the first row. In the race, he was back in the race for seventh place, but nobody had expected anything else in the face of the health conditions. Nevertheless, Stroll was able to experience his probably best weekend in Formula 1. Surely many would say: But Stroll was third in Baku and stood on the podium. But in Azerbaijan the Williams pilot benefited above all from the numerous mistakes of the others and had to "only" get by. The weekend in Monza, the Canadians have earned themselves a lot and earned the earned wage – and also the respect of his team. "Qualifying in the wet is one of the most difficult tests for a Formula 1 team for me", Technician Paddy Lowe pays his pilot Tribute. "Lance has done fantastic work, I have no technical explanation, except that he has the talent," says the Briton. "In qualifying, we saw how extraordinary his pace was in the wet. It came out of the blue, we had not expected that." The performance after the roughness of the season probably had only the fewest. After the first races he harshly criticized. Even countryman Jacques Villeneuve, who had previously taken Stroll, was harshly harshly labeled Stroll as one of the "worst rookies of all time" – and even entered into a house ban on Williams, with whom he became world champion in 1997 Season start In the first three races Stroll did not see the target flag at all. In addition to a braking defect, two accidents were also responsible. In the three subsequent races, the Williams pilot came to the finish line, but the Pace was not at all true. Stroll lost a lot of time compared to team colleague Felipe Massa and landed in Russia, Spain and Monaco outside the points. After six races: zero.

Frequent picture at season start: Stroll leaves his destroyed Williams

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"I have foreseen that it would be hard to find", says Stroll reticently. But faith in himself had never been lost. "I've never doubted, if the result is not good, I know why, I knew it was all about bringing everything together," the Canadian said. But exactly this did not succeed at the start of the season. "Although the results were not there, we also had a lot of contacts and mechanical problems, and there were opportunities for points in the races, but it never worked out," says Stroll. At the home game in Montreal, Stroll set off the pressure and drove his first Formula One points in ninth place. "We've been bringing it together since Canada," he nods. The counters were only a matter of time for him, but the pressure on the home game was not a factor, as he says: "The results also come with the experience, I do not let the pressure and the media get into my head." Lowe: Every success brings self-confidence It followed the sensational third place of Baku and the next breakthrough in Stroll's career. From then on the Youngster was no longer a mere behind-rider, but above all an established part of the Formula 1 field. Although the results in the races up to the Grand Prix of Italy no longer matched, but this was rather a surprising qualifying weakness of the car, which also affected the experienced Felipe Massa. But at least since the qualifying in Monza, Stroll is once again on everyone's lips , In the rain he drove the established competition around his ears, and Williams is convinced that he will have more such performances in the future in the future. "We know that self-confidence is an important component of our progress. Every success of Lance builds confidence," says Lowe. "This day was one of those breakthroughs, and Lance gets stronger and stronger." Stroll is not just a rookie but also 18 years old. "I remember where I was when I was 18. It was nowhere, I can see everything you can do with it," laughs Lowe, while Felipe Massa recalls a certain Max Stappen: "Max was in his first year, but he made a lot of mistakes and caused problems because of his age, but if you see Max now, that's a big difference, "says the Brazilian.Stroll convinces: In the second run, you can always improve Stroll expect. "He grows, you msst be patient," says Massa, saying that he is already a much better driver than at the beginning of the season. Stroll also sees the development in himself: "Personally, I feel that I get much stronger with every race, I can still learn and improve, and this will go on for a rookie," he says Canadian self-confident.

Technician Paddy Lowe sees his scoundrel on a good path


He just had some time in the car. Although he always gets extrasessions outside of the events, but the Grand Prix weekend itself is the time limited. If he comes to the tracks a second time next year, everything looks different, he says. "It's true that Lance had some problems, but you could expect that," Lowe adds, and is glad to have Stroll with him Moments like Monza can show his talent. "I hope he can build on it," he says. "Today, he drove very well and got the best out of the car, and we have great potential for the future, and hopefully he has a long career ahead of him."


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