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"They will pay for their evil intentions"

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

The UN Security Council has agreed on new sanctions against North Korea. Pyongyang reigns with threats against the alleged mover.

North Korea has condemned the decision of new UN sanctions against several of its industries. Pyongyang will ensure that the United States, as the mastermind of these punishments, paid the fair price for their evil intentions, said the North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, Han Tae Song. The United States, on the other hand, insisted that the sanctions should also be implemented, especially from Russia and China. US President Donald Trump considers sanctioning a very small step. "This is not a big deal," said Trump. He added, "These sanctions are nothing compared to what must ultimately happen."

With Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, he had asked himself whether the sanctions would bring anything at all, said Trump. On the other hand, it was a good thing that the vote of the Security Council had been unanimous.

Both states would have supported the resolution in the World Security Council, but they would have to do a lot more so that they could actually take action, Marshall Billingslea, Secretary of State for Treasury Finance, said in the House of Representatives. Because the punitive measures were not implemented, or sometimes not implemented at all, North Korea had been able to endure one round of sanctions after another, and still continue its missile and atomic program.

Claims on Russia and China
Susan Thornton, United States Secretary of State for East Asia, told the MEPs that Chinese and Russian citizens and businesses had been sanctioned in August because of their possible support for North Korea. The US government has made it clear that it will use all the tools it has at its disposal if China and Russia do not become active.

The US had had to mitigate its sanction requirements in the Security Council because of the resistance from Moscow and Peking. However, on Monday, the UN Security Council decided to impose comprehensive punitive measures against Pyongyang, including a capping of oil imports and an export ban on textiles, in response to the latest North Korean nuclear test.

Egypt ends cooperation
Egypt also reportedly ending its military cooperation with North Korea under pressure from the US. Egyptian Defense Minister Sidki Sobhi had assured his South Korean colleague Song Young Moo on a visit to Seoul that all military connections had been capped to Pyongyang, the news agency Yonhap reported. An official confirmation of the Egyptian government was not available on Tuesday.

Egypt has long been under pressure to no longer provide military support to North Korea. The connections to Pyongyang were, besides the human rights situation in Egypt, a further reason why the US had stopped or delayed aid payments in the three-digit million range in August.


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