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Theresa May wants to stand again

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | World News

British Prime Minister Theresa May announces a candidacy for 2022 against the speculation about your resignation. She wants to go beyond the Brexit, plan long-term plans for Great Britain. This is a surprise to party friends.

May has thus rejected speculation about a resignation before the end of the current election period. The Prime Minister does not want to give up. "I'm not a female," she said in an interview with ITV News during a trip to Japan. The BBC also told her during a visit to Kyoto (Japan) that she would also resume the next regular parliamentary elections in 2022.

"I've been there for the long term." The 60-year-old said that your government would not only bring the EU out of its way but also a better future for the United Kingdom.

Even many party friends, Mays, may shake their heads in the face of the self-conscious presence of the Prime Minister. It has been counting since the previous parliamentary elections in June. Many observers conclude that they have a future as a government minister beyond the EU exit of Great Britain in March 2019.

The next election on the island is not planned before 2022 – three years after the country wants to leave the EU. May had lost the majority in recent elections, although it actually strengthened its position and wanted to secure a clear mandate for the complex Brexit negotiations. Since then, it has been a conservative minority government and considered a political one. May's government is now dependent on the support of the controversial Northern Irish-Protestant DUP (Democratic Unionist Party).


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