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The Mayor of Houston, Houston, has imposed a nocturnal exit barrier because of the flood catastrophe caused by Hurricane "Harvey"

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

. This is to prevent looting and robbery.

The opening lock is valid from midnight to 5.00 am. There is no reason for the people to go outside in this period, said Mayor Sylvester Turner. Anyone who infringed the exit barrier would be questioned, searched and arrested, said Houston's policeman Art Acevedo.

Other residences open
Turner announced plans to open further emergency services for those seeking shelter in the largely flooded city. According to the Red Cross, in the night of Tuesday about 17,000 people were seeking shelter in emergency accommodations in Texas.

  The infrastructure in and around Houston has largely collapsed. Rescue forces fought with boats through the brown water masses, in order to liberate the arresting people from their houses and bring them to safety. According to the authorities of Tuesday, rescue workers in the city in the past days brought 3,500 people to safety.

Helper navigate with a boat on a flooded highway in Houston. (Source: David J. Phillip / AP / dpa)

 On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump had a picture of the situation in the city of Corpus Christi, also affected by the flood. Trump visited a fire station. He praised the work of the forces and the authorities in the fight against the floods. "Texas gets along with everything," said the President. Numerous business leaders and celebrities donated large sums of money for flood victims. Many of them are not insured against flooding.

Contradictory reports about dambreak
There was confusion around a dambreak near Houston. The authorities in Brazoria County had announced the break and prompted the residents below the dam to leave their homes immediately. "Make sure you get away!" It was then said that the dam was stabilized, the leaked water quantity was negligible. In Brazoria County, too, a barrier was set up for protection against looters for the areas where a forced evacuation had been ordered.

At the crowded Lake Houston water runs over the crown of the dam. (Source: David J. Phillip / AP / dpa)

The authorities had previously attempted to balance further reservoirs around Houston with controlled openings of the locks. Although the effluent discharged the problems below the reservoirs, the new problems were prevented above the reservoirs. Houston is built in a former swamp area, the ground is partly made of clay. The soil takes up the water very slowly.

Policeman drowns on the way to work
It was unclear how many people were torn to death by the flood. Officially confirmed by Tuesday four dead. As Polizeichef told Acevedo, a policeman drowned on the way to work on Sunday. Some US media reported higher numbers of victims. Clarity is likely to prevail when the floods have receded and the rescue teams gain access to the flooded houses.

The torrential rains led to a record value. In the city of Pearland in the southeast of Houston, rainfall amounts of 125 centimeters have been measured since Friday, as reported by the National Weather Service. This marks a record in a tropical storm on the US mainland. In 1978 the Amelia storm was 124 centimeters.

Neighbors are preparing for Harvey
Also in the neighboring state Louisiana will be feared in the coming days violent effects. In New Orleans schools and authorities were closed on Tuesday. Mayor Mitch Landrieu recommended the residents not to leave their house. He advised them to have food, drinks, and medicines available for at least three days. Governor John Bel Edwards said Louisiana was the worst of all probability.

According to meteorologists, "Harvey" is the second-strongest cyclone, since "Katrina" twelve years ago the area around New Orleans suffered heavily. The storm soaked over the very warm Gulf of Mexico at the end of the summer very much moisture, which he now returns as rain.


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