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The highest increase in measles cases for ten years

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | World News

In the current year, North Rhine-Westphalia has recorded the highest number of measles infections in all federal states. There are as many cases as there have been for more than ten years. In 2006, 1750 measles infections were counted.

Between January and mid-August the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) counted a total of 511 measles cases in the most populous state. According to data provided by the State Center for Health NRW, 330 illnesses occurred in Duisburg alone and 53 in Essen. A woman died of the disease.

Thus in NRW 2017 the highest number of cases since 2006, when 1750 measles infections were counted. However, there are major fluctuations in measles outbreaks in the years and the federal states, said RKI spokeswoman Susanne Glasmacher. For example, only 28 cases were counted in NRW last year.

Check the vaccination status
The health insurance company DAK and the Robert Koch Institute appealed to adults to have their vaccination status checked. The problem is the vaccination in young adults, said Glasmacher. Who was born after 1970 and had only one or no measles vaccination in the vaccination pass should be vaccinated with the doctor, Glasmacher said.

In addition, parents should have their children vaccinated twice until their second year. According to DAK data, 84 per cent of the children in NRW have received the initial vaccination recommended by the Standing Immunization Commission (StiKO) after their first year of life.

 In the second measles vaccination, the rate dropped to just under 67 percent. Thus the vaccination rates in NRW are somewhat higher than in the federal average.


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