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The Greens: In case of problems with the change of supplier 100 euro penalty per day

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

When switching the telephone provider, the network operators do not get the problems under control. In the first seven months of this year, around 11,000 complaints were received at the Federal Network Agency, because customers stayed for more than one day without a telephone or Internet connection. This was first reported by the newspapers of the Funke media group, citing a request from the Green Bundestag to the federal government. The request is available at Golem.de.

According to this, there were 19,000 complaints in 2016, and in 2015 there were even 30,000 complaints. For every day with a non-working telephone and Internet, compensation should be due for the customer, demand the Greens. An order of magnitude of € 100 per day is helpful in order for the providers to feel an economic pressure to adjust their processes better, or to hire more technicians.
Already since May 2012 is meaningful in the telecommunications law: If a telephone customer changes, he can take his old contract with him without his minimum running time from the beginning. When changing the telephone provider, the changeover to the new provider must take place within a calendar day. In the event of problems, the old supplier must continue to provide the customer with the necessary supplies. But this does not always work.
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"The complaints about telephone and Internet interruptions are increasing again, the dark figure is likely to be considerably larger, the providers simply do not get the problem under control, or perhaps do not want it at all", said Oliver Krischer, vice-chairman of the Green Bundestag's Golem Group. de on request. The fines imposed by the Federal Network Agency were far too low. "The Telekom or other large providers grin but over a 75,000 euro penalty and therefore no longer technicians." Here the Federal Network Agency had to go through more rigorously and abandon its restraint. The agency had imposed fines for a total of about 300,000 euros for infringements against four large corporations since 2014, said the magistrate Michael Reifenberg the Funke newspapers.

If customers take a day's vacation for a technician's appointment and the technician does not appear, Vodafone wants compensation 250 euros. The Vodafone boss Hannes Ametsreiter had already demanded in February 2016. Vodafone wants the Telekom to pay the 250 euros if their technician does not appear. Is it the fault of Vodafones, Vodafone would pay if the industry turned to the amount some.


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