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The Dark Tower comics follow the adventures and trials of Roland Deschain, son of Steven Deschain, dinh of Gilead. At the outset of our tale, Roland is a fourteen ...

The number 19 is important to The Dark Tower Series, especially in the last three books. Roland...

The Drawing of the Three is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King, the second book in The Dark Tower series, published by Grant in 1987.

The Dark Tower adaptation will be a hefty project to take on, but there are a few major things from the books we need to see in the movie.

A brief glossary of terms within Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

The Dark Tower is a series of eight novels written by American author Stephen King, which incorporate multiple genres including fantasy, science fantasy, horror and ...

In “The Dark Tower,” Matthew McConaughey plays a figure known as the Man in Black, who turns out to be not a famed country-western singer but an extremely evil ...

I’ve been a fan of The Dark Tower for a better part of my life. Stephen King’s amalgam of worlds, stories, and terrors has served as a basis for my ...

We caught up with horror legend Stephen King about 'The Dark Tower' movie, the casting controversy, and getting blocked by Donald Trump on twitter.

be quiet! proves it hasn't lost its touch when it comes to case design as we look at the Dark Base 900 Pro full-tower chassis.

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