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The body found before Copenhagen is the missing Kim Wall

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | World News

The woman on the coast before Copenhagen is the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall. Now, investigators discovered blood traces of the dead in the submarine.

For the police in Copenhagen, the women's torso is clearly the body of the journalist Kim Wall. At a press conference on Wednesday, police spokesman Jens Møller Jensen said that with the help of a toothbrush and a hairbrush, a DNA match could be made. In addition, the blood of the Swede was found in the submarine.

According to the spokesman, the spokesman said that the cause of the death was still difficult because of the severed limbs. The lawyers, however, had found that something metallic had originally been attached to the body of Kim Wall, which was supposed to hold him on the seabed. The submarine owner, Peter Madsen, who has been investigated for suspicion of negligent killing, has not yet been consulted about the latest investigations.

The journalist Kim Wall wanted to write an article about the inventor Peter Madsen. (Source: TT NEWS AGENCY / Tom Wall / Reuters)

On Monday, a cyclist had found a torso on the southern shore of the Copenhagen-backed island of Amager. Head, arms and legs were missing, they were separated, so police officer Jens Møller Jensen on Tuesday. Other body parts were not found at first.

The 30-year-old Swedish girl Kim Wall was last seen on August 10, when she embarked on the boat "UC3 Nautilus" with the private submarine owner Peter Madsen in the port of Copenhagen. She had wanted to write a report about the inventor. What happened then is unclear. Madsen stated that she had dismissed the woman after an excursion with the submarine on an island in the Copenhagen harbor area. He himself had tested a few things on the self-designed 18 meter long underwater vehicle, which had problems with a ballast tank.

A mysterious case
The submarine sank, he himself was rescued by a private ship and landed on land. When her family reported the journalist as missing, the police became suspicious and arrested Madsen. At first, the Dane denied having anything to do with the disappearance of the woman. The police suspected that the Swede could be found in the sunken submarine. When the vehicle was recovered, however, this was not the case.

Later, Madsen had said that the journalist Wall had died in a disaster on board. He had left his corpse in the water on the way, and Madsen called it "buried." What happened exactly on the "Nautilus" remains a mystery to the public.


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