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The attacks were only the plan B

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | World News

Actually the suspects in the opinion of the investigators planned a much larger attack. But an unintentional explosion made a dash for them.

The terrorist attacks with cars in Barcelona and the place Cambrils were only the plan B of the assassins according to the findings of the investigators. They had hauled gas bottles in a house in Alcanar, 200 kilometers south of Barcelona, ​​for a possibly even more devastating attack, said Josep Lluis Trapero of the Catalan police on Friday. When the house was destroyed by an unintended explosion of the gas on Wednesday night, they were driven to Barcelona and Cambrils by car.

Terrorists should be dead
The transporter, who had mowed down passers-by on the Ramblas in Barcelona and killed 13 of them, is said to have directed a 17-year-old in Spanish media reports. He was shot a few hours later with four accomplices in the second car attack in the small town of Cambrils, reported the newspaper "El Pais". The police did not want to confirm this at first.

The five attackers drove in Cambrils with another car passers-by. One woman died, five more people were injured. All five men were shot, and four of them were shot by a single official. The suspects who were killed carried dummies of explosive belts on the body and were armed with axes and knives.

"We are talking about a large group"
Catalan Minister of the Interior, Joaquim Forn, told the radio station RAC1 that it was obviously connected with a very large terrorist cell. "We do not talk about a group with one or two people, but about a large group." According to the investigators, they had been planning an attack for some time. In the explosion in her house in Alcanar, one person also died.

 Of the four suspects who were arrested by Friday, no investigator had ever been targeted by suspected terrorist activities. It was three Moroccans and a Spaniard, the police said. Three were arrested in the village of Ripoll, one in Alcanar.

IS recalls terror attacks
The Terrormiliz IS claimed the attack in Barcelona. He said it was a response to calls from the terrorists to attack their supporters, countries that are fighting in the international coalition against the extremists in Syria and Iraq, said in a statement.

  Spanish King Felipe and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, together with thousands, held a silence for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. Afterwards, the participants applauded the ceremony at Plaça de Catalunya and called "I am not afraid".

13 Germans among the wounded
Among the victims of the terrorist attack in Barcelona were two Italians, an American and a woman from Belgium. The nationality of the other victims was not known at first. 13 Germans suffered injuries in the attack in Barcelona, ​​as the Foreign Ministry explained. Spokesman Martin Schäfer said some had suffered serious injuries and fought for their lives. Media reports, according to which Germans were killed, he can not confirm. It is not to be excluded.

The number of victims could rise further. 17 of the more than 100 injured in Barcelona were still in critical condition on Friday.


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