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Temenos, ABB and Co. – Swiss companies in the center of stock market speculation News

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Economy

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Stock market speculation comes and goes. On the Swiss stock market on Thursday, however, several companies are at the center of such speculation.
At the Zurich Insurance Group, reports from the other end of the world are causing discomfort. Allegedly, the first bidders have withdrawn from the race for the life insurance business of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Industry buyers expect sales of up to 5 billion dollars.
It is also surprising that the traditional insurance group from Zurich is also interested in the business activities being sold. Finally, CEO Mario Greco had no opportunity to publicly oppose major acquisitions in recent months.
A 5 billion dollar company purchase would also absorb the surplus capital estimate estimated by analysts at 2 to 3 billion dollars and would reduce the financial leeway for a dividend increase or a special dividend (see column of 15 August).
ABB, the industrial group, must now also deal with matters other than paying a lot of money. According to a report from the Reuters news agency, there is again negotiations between the Swiss-Swedish company and the American conglomerate General Electric. Supposedly the latter is still ready to separate itself for well 2 billion dollars from the industrial business (Industrial Solutions). Just a few weeks ago, it was said that the negotiations had been terminated due to different price presentations. They were called on well-informed circles.

The speculation only caused the ABB stock to grow up in early trading (source: www.cash.ch).
At the same time, ABB is in India for the local rival Larsen & Toubro. However, as reported there media, the interest of the industrial group from Zurich seems to be half-hearted.
Recently, an analyst working for the Deutsche Bank warned that ABB could fall into a buying noise after Bernecker + Rainer's billion-dollar takeover (see column of 7 July).
Temenos is at the center of speculations of quite different color. The Geneva Softwareschmiede is said on the stock exchange an increase of this year's targets.
Not surprisingly, the targets for the year's operating profit on the occasion of the July earnings release remained intact, despite the fact that the company had a strong number. The company itself expects growth in license revenues of between 15 and 20 percent, a 10 to 13 percent higher annual turnover and an operating profit (EBIT) of between 210 and 215 million dollars.

In the past few days, only a small number of highs had fallen: the Temenos share (Source: www.cash.ch)
While the shares of Temenos are within easy reach of their historical highs, those of U-blox have been in a rather difficult position for several days. The only Swiss representative from the emerging industry of "Internet-the-things" will present the half-year result tomorrow ,
The interest is then primarily the company's goals. Since the takeover of SIMCom, the company is again expecting an operating profit (EBIT) of between 60 and 65 million Swiss francs with an annual turnover of 410 to 425 million Swiss francs.
Not least because of the persistently weak dollar, these targets are now described as "sporty" and downwards adjustments are not excluded with a view to the future publication of the results.
At the end of March, U-blox was still one of the most frequently vacant shares in Switzerland. Surveys by the consulting firm Markit showed that at the time almost 9 per cent of all outstanding titles were speculated against the semiconductor manufacturer. Since then, the short-term buyers have, however, withdrawn from the shares – whether premature or not, should be tomorrow's show.
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