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Telekom: Three exclusive series premiere free for EntertainTV

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

EntertainTV customers will have access to additional content at no extra cost from 4 October 2017. To this end, Deutsche Telekom has entered into a cooperation agreement with Fox + and Ufa. About Ufa, customers are offered mainly German film classics, while the integration of Fox + allows access to a number of television series. The new content is only available to customers who have booked EntertainTV or EntertainTV Plus. Anyone using the StartTV service launched in May 2017 will receive the new content for a monthly fee of five euros.

Three series premiere
About Fox +, EntertainTV customers will soon be given three series premieres. These include the drama The Handmaide's Tale – The Maid's Report, the Crime Cardinal, and the comedies series Better Things, all of which will be shown at Telekom first. All three series will start on October 4, 2017, and new episodes will be posted every week. All episodes can be viewed as streams later. So if you want to see the series at a time, you have to wait until all episodes have been broadcast.
In addition, the catalog is offered by Fox + so that Telekom customers can access older series such as 24, The Walking Dead, Prison Break and How I Met Your Mother without having to pay extra. The Telekom announces that customers in the future could see the best series of 21st Century Fox.
With its new partnerships, Telekom is determined to stand out from other television streaming services and other providers of fixed network connections. The Telekom offers EntertainTV together with a Festnetzanschluss of the Telekom. To receive EntertainTV, a special receiver must be purchased, which is only intended for the use of EntertainTV. Customers can either buy the receiver for a one-time purchase price or rent it for a monthly fee. When renting, customers have to return the receiver when the contract with the Telekom expires.


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