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Teléfonica: New O2-Free tariff with 10 GB data volume for 30 Euro

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets

The O2-Free tariffs launched in September 2016 are being fundamentally revised. The new tariffs will be available from 6 September 2017 onwards. In three of the four tariffs, the unrestricted data volume is significantly boosted. Except of this is only the cheapest O2-free tariff, which in the future costs less.

O2 Free still offers 1 Mbit / s in the throttling
All O2-free tariffs include a nationwide telephone and SMS flat rate as well as a fixed line number, and the tariffs are only available with a two-year contract. The respective offers differ only in the size of the unrestricted data volume. The tariffs also offer a maximum speed of 1 MBit / s in the throttling. We had the O2-free tariff tested at the time and were done, how much is still possible. The throttling, however, blocks the access to the LTE network, customers can only use the 3G network.

    New O2-Free tariffs from 6 September (Photo: Teléfonica Germany)

The slightest changes are the new O2-Free-S tariff. It also includes an unrestricted data volume of 1 GB, only the monthly basic price, which is reduced from 24.99 Euro to 19.99 Euro. With the three other O2-free tariffs, the unrestricted data volume is significantly increased.
M rate with 10 GB data volume
The new O2 Free M tariff will have 10 GB of unrestricted data volume in the future – so far it is 2 GB. The monthly fees decrease from 34.99 euros to 29.99 euros. In the new O2-Free L tariff, customers receive a unrestricted data volume of 20 GB for a monthly of 39.99 euros. The old tariff offers for the monthly price of 44.99 euro only 4 GB unrestricted data volume.

The previous O2-Free-XL-tariff is also significantly increased. Instead of 8 GB for 54.99 euros, there will be an unrestricted data volume of 25 GB for 49.99 euros.
All new O2-Free tariffs without free multicard
In all O2-free tariffs there is also the possibility to re-register unrestricted data volume. On request from Golem.de Teléfonica stated that there is a flexible volume / price design. Customers receive individual offers, which are offered depending on tariff, use and monthly remaining time.
The new O2-free tariffs do not include a multicard SIM anymore, Teléfonica told us on demand. The previous O2-free tariffs L and XL had in the price Multicards thereby. In the L tariff there is a multicard, in the XL tariff there are even two. In the tariffs S and M the multicards are also not included in the price so far. This is the case in all new O2-free tariffs. Customers generally pay 4.99 euros a month for a multicard, if they want one.


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