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Technique: With these tricks Red Bull for Highspeed

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31 equips. August 2017 – 07:09

Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo drove in Spa with other set-ups

© Giorgio Piola

(cafetheology.org) – The Red Bull team is traditionally hard on high-speed tracks like Spa-Francorchamps or Monza, where the Grand Prix of Italy (Formula 1 2017 live in the ticker) will be held this weekend. However, Daniel Ricciardo clinched a podium in Spa. This was among other things due to aerodynamic measures. Analyzed in detail with technical drawings and video animations, these are featured in a feature on 'Motorsport.com'. The front wing for Monza was already tested in Ricciardo Spa on Friday and has an extremely flat upper element. In addition, the lamellas of the side end plates were dispensed with in order to keep the air resistance low. But the advantage of this on the straight line – even during the intermediate times – was lost again in the curving second sector. So Ricciardo changed again from Saturday to a more conventional set-up, with which Max Verstappen already on Friday was on the way. Specifically with the rear wing already used at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan in Baku. In another feature on 'Motorsport.com', with exclusive technical drawings by Giorgio Piola, the latest high-speed updates from Mercedes and Ferrari will be discussed. Ferrari, for example, had a new front wing at Spa, which is also expected to be used in Monza. This is without the triangular flap at the top of the side end plate. The reason for the change to the Ferrari front wing: On fast stretches the vortex, which is generated by the front tires, is different than on slow distances. If you were driving with the identical wing configuration, the result would be that the car does not function as efficiently at high speeds. For more details, read the detailed technical features on 'Motorsport.com' now!


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