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Technique: These tricks grabbed the teams in Monza

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05 September 2017 – 21:01
The high-speed weekend in Monza turned out to be a feast for fans of technology: detailed drawings show which cars Mercedes & Co. used

Monza vs. Baku (right): Mercedes had to work with the rear wing only to details

© Giorgio Piola

(cafetheology.org) – This year, too, Monza gave festivals for technology lovers, because for the high-speed course the teams brought numerous updates. The main goal: to reduce the air resistance, which has grown markedly in this year's cars by the wider cars with more downforce. Ferrari and Mercedes were unveiled in a feature on 'Motorsport.com' in detail and with technical drawings by the renowned expert Giorgio Piola. So the Scuderia brought a completely new rear wing to the home game, the SF70H also known as the Abtwacht miracle Monza straights. Interesting is the comparison with Mercedes: While the Scuderia made a lot of changes especially for the race in the royal park, the silver arrows held back. Nevertheless, the Lewis Hamilton Lewis in Monza was the clear number 1. Piola are the subtle difference to the spa wing nevertheless not escaped. In addition, there is a possible technical reason why Rance Lance Stroll in Monza did better than his experienced team colleague Felipe Massa and especially with starting place two for a sensation caused.For more details read now the detailed technical features on 'Motorsport.com' !



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