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Technician Allison: The Mercedes team works so differently

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 20:04

James Allison met a completely new way of working at Mercedes

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(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes technical manager James Allison already celebrated Formula One triumphs with Renault, Lotus and Ferrari, before coming to the Silver Arrows this year as a substitute for Paddy Lowe. But there the skilled engineer did not trust his eyes. "The culture and the work ethos are different in this company in an unusual way," reveals the Briton in an interview with 'Motorsport.com'. But what does Toto Wolff's world championship team over the last three years have done differently from other racing stables? "When you get there, you'll notice one thing," says Allison. "Like every team, this is divided into different levels, which are basically pyramidal, but the team is very familiar with each level, so people at relatively low levels are empowered to make decisions." Very hierarchical structure, Mercedes works differently. "The technical chef is much less the turning point, one decision after the other," explains Allison. "In other teams, this feels like a kind of machine gun, and I did not like it." Why many cooks in Brackley do not spoil the mush In Brackley, the load on Allison's shoulders, on the other hand, is lower. "There are very competent people who make decisions that normally fall into the area of ​​the technical team," gives the Brits interesting insights into how Mercedes works. "This works really incredibly well."

The successes of the past years give Mercedes right

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At first, Mercedes was criticized for buying a technical team after another from other racing stables. "Too many cooks spoil the mash," they said in the paddock. Over the years, former Red Bull (Goeff Willis) technicians, Renault (Bob Bell), Ferrari (Aldo Costa) and Brawn (Ross Brawn) had been on board. The fact that this mixture could harmonize did not hold many for possible. However, the problems at the beginning of the season serve Allison as proof that the team is extremely effective and pulls together despite the big names. "I hope I could provide help, but all of this has been researched, understood, and corrected from within the company, rather than from top to bottom," admits the technician. "And that's why it's really interesting to work there, and have an influence on a company where there are so many capable people, wherever you look." Allison: Monaco crisis showed the greatest strength of the team "I would be in the "James AllisonAfter the Grand Prix of Monaco, where there was no Mercedes driver on the podium, Mercedes was in a state of alarm. Thereupon, for ten days, Brackley never left the lights before finding a solution to the steady fluctuations in tire temperature. "There were large groups of people who had taken up the challenge within the technical departments," Allison says. "I was just a tiny part of it, but honestly, if I had stayed in bed in the past months, this group would have been incredibly well served with this particular problem." A warm welcome from "warm-hearted" Hamilton World champion Lewis Hamilton. The Brit has the reputation of having enormous talent, but not always easy to deal with. A picture that Allison can not confirm. The collaboration with Hamilton was so far "a pleasant surprise, surprise because very fast drivers are normally complex personalities."


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