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Tech 3 in Silverstone for the first time with a new Aero panel

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 16:57

Tech 3 gets a new coating in Silverstone for the first time

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(cafetheology.org) – For the Silverstone weekend, the Yamaha customer team Tech 3 will be presented with a new aerodynamic fairing for the Silverstone weekend this year, which the factory has been using again and again for some time. "They have two types of panels, we get the first evolution," confirms Jonas Folger. These are the side vaults "hidden winglets". The small additional wings, which Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales have used in Austria, are not yet available.Folger and Johann Zarco will try this new trim for the first time in Silverstone. "It makes the disguise somewhat wider, but it helps, but I do not know if this is the right track for it," the German muses. "We will use it and see if I can feel a difference, but you think that you lose some handling, the agility of the bike should not be so good, but it depends on the driver, we have to try it out and I am very happy "We will try them out, but I do not yet know when to start with the well-known motorbike." First of all, I have to get to know the track and find reference points with the MotoGP bike "It's about the feeling, without the new panel, I'll feel good, I guess, if I feel really comfortable, we might try the new panel."

The side vaults with hidden winglets are clearly recognizable

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The French are concerned about the impact of the new trim on handling. Already Rossi and Vinales reported that the M1 feels heavier with directional changes. "Maybe the bike will be more stable, but the slant or change of direction may be more difficult, so we have to see if I feel good or where I have trouble, then we'll see if we try the new trim or not," Zarco notes. "I feel that I can not get 100% out of the bike, and I want to make it, if I use the full potential, I can be close to the podium, which is my main goal right now." That confidence in the bike at the top "If you do not feel comfortable and still get faster, it makes no difference to the race because you get faster, it depends on the track, we will get it "If the fairing for Silverstone is not optimal, the findings for other races are important. It is positive that Yamaha Tech 3 is supplying new parts. Aerodynamics is now the order of the day for new chassis. "I was not expecting so much," says Folger. "If there are new parts, I am surprised, because I did not expect that at the beginning of the season, because we are a customer, and we were quicker than the factory in some races, but they still support us.


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