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Teardown: The Essential Phone is virtually impossible to repair

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Essential Phone by Android creator Andy Rubin has received only one of ten points in the teardown of iFixit. This means that the smartphone is not actually repairable.

    The Essential Phone's case is covered with an adhesive, which can only be released by cold spray. (Picture: iFixit)

This is mainly because of the massive use of glue and the fact that the internal components can only be reached when the display is removed. Unlike other smartphones, the adhesive used can not be solved by using heat.
The display can only be released with a cold spray
Instead, the iFixit team had to resort to coldspray. Only by its use the display could be removed from the housing, whereby it splintered. From the back, the hobbyists could not get to the motherboard and the other parts of the smartphone.
In addition, there are other unfavorable design decisions. For example, the USB Type C connector is directly soldered to the motherboard. Because the Essential Phone does not use a jack connector, the USB jack also acts as a headphone jack, which is often used by many users. Due to the direct soldering connection to the motherboard, this is a possible weak point.
Repair attempt will only damage Essential Phone
The iFixit team ultimately determines that any attempt to repair the essential phone will likely cause as much damage as it already does. The circumstance that the adhesive can not be dissolved by heat appears to be problematic in this case.


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