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Teams warn: 21 races per season must be concluded

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03 September 2017 – 07:14
rendition, cost explosion and a torture for the employees: Especially Red Bull wants to upgrade the Formula 1 calendar rather than quantitatively

Christian Horner and Chase Carey will have to talk about the calendar


(cafetheology.org) – The Formula 1 teams are concerned about the plans of Liberty Medias to organize 25 races and more per year. Red Bull representative Christian Horner does not even want a single additional Grand Prix: "The calendar has, in my opinion, reached a point of comfort," the Briton complains and sees the Ma for the 2018 season full: "21 races are the absolute limit. "The reasons for the teams' paintworks are the costs, the amount of travel and the increased workload of their employees, which would be connected with an expansion:" It would end with the fact that we would have to rotate in layers "Horner interrupts, without holding the utopia of the utopia:" Everything is possible in the end, but it would have its price. " Who would be able to pay for it at all? Haas team manager Gnther Steiner seems to be able to recognize the possibility of financing: "If it is economically feasible for Chase to do it," he says in the direction of the Formula 1 boss Carey he will be faced with a challenge by the American: "He will not do anything that we can not resist – alone because he can not offer a show."

A total of 14 new routes have visited Formula 1 since the 2000 season – but many of them have already disappeared from the calendar …
since 2000

24.09.2000: Grand Prix of the USA in Indianapolis. The first premier race of Formula 1 after the turn of the century is actually none. The Grand Prix of the USA had already set up several racetracks, and between 1950 and 1960, the Indianapolis 500 ranked Formula One. In 2000, however, the pilots started the 4.129-kilometer circuit which connects the famous oval with a street circuit.

In order to support the mammoth program, more races would take place on successive weekends ("back-to-back events") or the race break planned from December to the end of March should be shortened. "It's more about quality than about quantity. We need courses that are icons," says Cyril Abiteboul of Renault. "We will never have as many events as in US sports – as in the NASCAR series or the NBA."

The dream of Formula 1 in New York has gotten a new wind under Liberty

© Red Bull

The calendar should first be digested before new venues are targeted. "If they do not work, you should replace them with better ones," Horner hopes to go through with a rigorous attack before an expansion takes place – for example, in the US, where Liberty Media is specifically about city racing in New York, Las Vegas, Long Beach and Miami There was no discussion in the Strategiegruppe so far, not even about Gnther Steiner's idea of ​​shortening the race weekends, in order to be able to drive fter. "I can not remember what happened at the start of the season, how would it be at 25 races, like a good book – some chapters do it, but not all are exciting and captivating" he said that Formula One would be more uninteresting, but he did not care about his pilots: "They are in their twenties and their early threeies, most of whom get several millions to drive the best cars in the world after a good deal, "says Horner, recalling that there are hardly any test runs under the season:" They have more free time than ten or fifteen years ago. "



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