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Teamorder at Ducati? For Andrea Dovizioso no topic

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 7:55 pm

Andrea Dovizioso would not be a teamorder at Ducati for good

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(cafetheology.org) – With his triumph in Spielberg, Ducati driver Andrea Dovizioso equaled the number of victories with Marc Marquez (Honda) and again took the direct pursuit of the World Cup leader. 16 points is the Italian's fall to the top of the Great Britain's Grand Prix this weekend at Silverstone. Dovizioso believes it could be close to the victory in the battle for victory, as it did in Austria. "It is a wonderful track, very long but also very difficult with the ground waves and the British weather," says the Italian. "Last year we had problems, but I hope it will be better this time, I think we are more competitive, but many drivers have a similar pace." In Spielberg, Dovizioso had duel with Marquez to the last corner, but was able to ward off a final attack by the Spaniard. In the rear, the Ducati driver admits: "The last race was incredible, when I looked at myself again at home But I kept quiet and made the right decision, I think this weekend, more riders can ride in the front, the weather looks like this is the end of the race "Dovizioso:" Tires are the key to this World Cup "Especially the choice of tires will once again be decisive. In Spielberg, Dovizioso showed a happy hand with the soft hind leg, but this also involved a certain risk. "I was able to spare the tire and still keep a good pace from start to finish," Ducati said, pointing out that the right handling of the tires was very difficult this year Perfect balance is very limited and it is difficult to stay in this area, sometimes it works better with one bike than with the other, it looks like we have good grip when the tire is new, and we can be fast , Even if we do not push 100%, "Dovizioso explains. He also hopes to be on the podium at Silverstone, where he has been on the podium three times (2010, 2011, 2015) .Then asked whether the MotoGP pilot is a topic in a tight World Cup like this year's MotoGP: It is something I do not like to see, especially on a motorcycle. In Silverstone, we are not at the point of thinking in this way, "Dovizioso points out. If team colleague Jorge Lorenzo should be faster than he is, he will probably not see a direct exchange of rounds.Siege, which has been worked out on his own, is the best. This is also Dovizioso. "I am very happy with the results we have achieved this season because they are the result of the hard work of each individual," says the 31-year-old. "The bike is slightly better than the previous year, the base is good, I think we work very well on the tires every weekend, that's the key in this World Cup."


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