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Target group advertising: Facebook allows ads directly to "Judenhasser"

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The advertising company Facebook has enabled its customers, until recently, to display ads specifically for anti-Semitic users. As the US portal Propublica reported, the target groups "Jews hate", "How to burn Jews" or "The story of 'Why Jews ruin the world" could be selected for the marketing of Nazi memorabilia or the promotion of right-radical events. Such target groups are based on information that makes users of the social network of themselves about education, age and the world view.

According to Propublica, it was also possible to place advertisements for users who had registered "Nazi Party" or "German Schutzstaffel" as their employer. However, according to the report, these categories were too small to be booked as a target group at all. According to this, there were just over 2,000 users in the category "Jew-hunters". The groups for "German protection" or "Nazi Party" were barely larger. On the other hand, almost 200,000 Facebook users are interested in the right-wing extremist NPD, so that advertising could be booked with the inclusion of this group.
Facebook changes algorithms
Propublica, according to his own data, thus switched three ads, which linked to an article without reference to the topic. The advertising company accepted the orders within 15 minutes. Only change: Facebook changed the category "Jews Hater" to "Antysemityzm", the Polish spelling for anti-Semitism.
In a blog posting, Facebook announced that it would change its target group advertising. The groups mentioned had been removed. The interests set by the users themselves are not to be used any more so that advertising can not be used for discrimination. The company wants to develop new processes to avoid such incidents in the future. According to Facebook, advertisers can report all "inappropriate" audiences directly in the ad portal or via the Help Center.

Only last week, Facebook had admitted that over 3,000 political ads had been switched over the past few years by a network of fake accounts with a Russian background. In reviewing ad sales, it was noted that between June 2015 and May 2017 approximately $ 100,000 had been spent on advertisements associated with 470 fake accounts and pages.


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