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Target four: Renault with motorsupdates after Spa

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Sports

22 August 2017 – 17:21 hrs
With software and hardware updates, Renault would like to insist in Spa and Monza. In the end you want to prove that you are the fourth force

Renault wants to show that you are the fourth force of Formula One


(cafetheology.org) – Renault will continue to expand in the next two races in Belgium and Italy, bringing a new software and hardware update for their engines, as Motorschef reveals to Remi Taffin against 'Autosport'. Up until now, improvements had been concentrated mainly on reliability, and this was intended to continue until the end of the season. "We know that we are not the fastest, but as a team, we show that we can be the force behind the top three," says Taffin Is mainly based on the qualifying results from Silverstone and Budapest, when Nico Hülkenberg became "Best of the Rest" behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. "We need to build on this and improve the Rennspace," he says. This is due to improvements in all areas and, above all, reliability and mileage. "We have a good trend and will add further performance both aerodynamically and with the engine. Hopefully this will be shown in the upcoming races," says Taffin. However, it is also known at Renault that the upcoming races of Spa and Monza could become more difficult than the recent Grands Prix. On the tracks, performance is most important, and Renault is lagging behind the competition of Mercedes and Ferrari. "To be in the top 10 would be a good result," says the Motorschef and wants to take Monza as a yardstick, because the rank order of the aggregates is probably the most obvious.

Whether in Spa-Francorchamps or Zolder: In the races of Formula 1 in Belgium, always drama was guaranteed

In 1925, Grand Prix of Belgium was first held, and even then it was raced in Spa-Francorchamps. The route runs over public roads and is 15 kilometers long. The most famous curve today is not part of the route from the beginning. It was not until 1939 that the Eau Rouge was built.

However, there is no fear of the upcoming tasks: "We have the potential for a good result", Taffin explains. "In the past races, our cars have been running well, and I see no reason why this should change in Spa, we have good drivers, a well – performing chassis and a motor on the right track, and everything points in the right direction "The next two months will be important for the outcome of the 2017 season," says Taffin. At the moment Renault is only eighth overall with 26 points. Haas (29), Toro Rosso (39) and Williams (41) are still within reach, but Jolyon Palmer has to start to score – all counters were collected by Hülkenberg.


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