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Talks canceled: Toro Rosso 2018 not with Honda

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 | Sports

17 August 2017 – 17:38
Honda go the options in the Formula 1: After the cancellation of Sauber are now also talks with Toro Rosso failed

Toro Rosso will continue to drive with Renault drives in 2018

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(cafetheology.org) – Honda is the next option to stay in Formula 1 broken away. According to information from 'cafetheology.org' there will be 2018 in the Knigsklasse no motordal with Toro Rosso. Lastly, the rumor came that the nursery would function as a test balloon for Red Bull, which would also be able to switch to the Japanese from 2019 onwards. But the topic has already been settled. In the meantime, an agreement with the Sauber team had failed because Teamchef Frederic Vasseur was no longer in agreement with the conditions of the deal as opposed to the predecessor Monisha Kaltenborn. Now also Hondo's talks with Toro Rosso, who had existed, are in the sand – there is no confirmation of the two parties to date. However, a deal for the coming season would also have become difficult. Already, the teams are working on the cars for 2018 and must know which engine they have installed. Toro Rosso would also have to rely on the McLaren gearbox, because this is the only one in the field currently developed for a Honda drive train. It would also be Toro Rosso's third drive manufacturer in three years. Against the idea of ​​Toro-Rosso-Honda also talks that Red Bull and his sister team would like to cooperate more closely – as is the case between Ferrari and the Haas team. Teamchef Franz Tost has already confirmed that in the coming season, the transmission and the rear wheel suspension of Red Bull will be driving – "so everything under the regulations is possible." One would have to try out a possible Red Bull Honda deal Should not be that purposeful. Especially since a change of engines from Red Bull to the season 2019 anyway seems unlikely, because the engine regulation after the season 2020 is completely reversed. So it would be necessary to continue to rely on technology from Renault. For the time being, it would be unlikely that McLaren would remain in the Japanese. Honda would otherwise be out of Formula One, and McLaren would probably only have Renault as a possible alternative. There, however, one would only be able to prevent one after the departure of Mercedes from the workplace and Red Bull.



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