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Taliban write open letter to US President Donald Trump

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 | World News

The Taliban warned that another "occupation" would lead them to turn to the "enemies" of the US (Iran and Russia). (Source: Archive / Rahmat Gul / AP / dpa)
        The radical Islamic Taliban demand in an open letter to US President Donald Trump that he is to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan.

Trump had recognized the mistakes of his predecessors by seeking a review of the US strategy for Afghanistan, according to the letter written in English. It was sent to journalists on Tuesday by Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mudschahid.

Mudshahid said that Trump should not put control of American Afghanistan policy in the hands of the military. Rather, he had to announce the withdrawal of US troops and not an increase in the number of soldiers as planned by the government in Washington. A US withdrawal would turn the troops away from the army and end "an inherited war", the longer letter continues.

  "War-politicians and generals" tried to force him into an extension of the war, which would only lead to more American losses. The Taliban also warn that another "occupation" will lead them to turn to the "enemies" of the US. Iran and Russia are to support the Taliban on a selective basis.

USA are working on a new Afghanistan strategy
The Taliban so obviously want to influence an upcoming decision of the President to deploy in Afghanistan. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis had said on Monday evening that he was "very close to a new Afghanistan strategy".

They had announced the US by mid-July. A reinforcement of the troops seemed to be already settled. Mattis, too, had already been successfully promoted under Nato partners.

The Afghan armed forces, which are supposed to defend their country against the Taliban since the end of the NATO campaign in December 2014, are overburdened. The Taliban control or influence again around eleven percent of the country. The NATO training mission Resolute Support is considered to be too small and can train the partners almost only on high officers' level.

Use of private security companies instead of US military
However, Trump had once again questioned the reinforcement of the troops in the past weeks. He now appears to consider among other things the withdrawal of all US soldiers or the replacement of the US military by private security companies.

The Taliban also warned in their message: "If you do not already win the war with professional US and NATO troops, you will never win him with mercenaries and immoral tramps."

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