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Police in North-Rhine / W

Special investigators of the North Rhine-Westphalia Regional Criminal Police have succeeded in defeating

German for terrorist accu

A German woman is in court in the south-eastern Turkisch city of Karaman.

Terrorist suspicion after

The jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) complained about the knife fact of Friday

Desert concentration and

Since the terrorist group Islamic state has once taken the sleepy Al-Rakka in

++ Live ticker for terror

In Barcelona, ​​a van is rushing into a crowd. There and a further

The attack in Barcelona:

Behind the attacks in Spain is apparently a larger terror cell. The Spanish

Bloody terrorist attack i

In the middle of the holiday season, terrorism hits Spain. A delivery truck

Oklahoma: US authorities

Numerous chairs represent 168 people who died in 1995 during an attack on

Criticism of the new supe

In the event of major terrorist acts, a new Directorate of the Federal