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09:15 The Swiss Market Index (SMI) drops by 0.9 per cent to 8866

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12:55 On the market, traders speak of a certain relaxation, after the threatened

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Since May, the Swiss stock market has been moving more or less sideways:

SMI is taking a bold step

The SMI is trading with a plus, after the verbal strike exchange between

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12:45 The leading index, SMI, climbed by more than 1 percent by noon,

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09:15 The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is trading at a low of 0.4

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08:05 According to the pre-market indicators of Bank Julius Baer, ​​the Swiss Market

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09:15 On the Swiss equities market, there is a slight deepening of trading

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08:20 Meanwhile, the Asian equities markets have also ended trading. On the Tokyo