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Trump against Kim - What

On Tuesday, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un initially subdued the war effort

North Korea's rocket

North Korea has owed its rapid progress in rocket technology, according to a

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22:45 The Dow Jones Index of Standard Values ​​closes 0.6 percent on Monday

North Korea tensions - fe

Politicians worldwide called for moderation on the weekend. The German Foreign Minister, Sigmar

Tourism - Why Chinese Tra

He had last asked more questions, whether a trip to the isolated country

North Korea Tensions - Ch

The "authoritative side" must "avoid words and actions that exacerbate tensions on the

Germans fear escalation i

Up until now, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have been particularly upbeat

Politics Asia - Far East

The focus is South Korea, which is particularly threatened. The recent government-critical construction

Warning for US first stri

China would probably be neutral in the event of a first strike of

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17:40 "The situation is very uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen over the