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Amazon and Microsoft: Ale

Alexa can have Cortana's tasks done, and Cortana can be helped by Alexa.

Amazon and Microsoft are

This is probably a partnership you would not have expected: Amazon and Microsoft,

DeepL im Hands on: New to

Better than Google and Microsoft – the German company DeepL is committed to

Microsoft: Original versi

Microsoft does not sell any new Xbox One anymore – it means only

Microsoft introduces new

Artificial intelligence in the cloud is a difficult task if the latency is

Microsoft: Git relocation

In about half a year, the development team of Windows has managed to

Project Brainwave: Micros

The most widespread opportunity to speed up machine learning is the use of

Microsoft: There are many

The online magazine Torrentfreak has found that in Microsoft's Windows Store an incredibly

Scorpio Engine: Microsoft

Microsoft has presented the Scorpio Engine in detail at the Hot Chips 29

Unsafe passwords: attacks

According to the company, attacks on Microsoft user accounts increased in the first