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Kim wants the Korean reun

The latest nuclear weapon test in North Korea frightens the world. The US

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13:30 The stock exchange in Germany is now more friendly than in Switzerland:

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22:30 The Dow Jones Index of Standard Values ​​closed 1.1 percent lower at

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17:30 The SMI lost 0.9 percent to 8864 counters. As the exchanges were

South Korean military goe

North Korea has apparently tested an atomic weapon for the sixth time. A

"Safe Harbor" -

According to traders, debtors of first-class debtors such as the Swiss Confederation, Pfandbriefe

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09:10 The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is trading at a drop of 0.7

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07:05 The price of gold continues to grow. An ounce costs 1316.41 dollars

Trump against Kim - What

On Tuesday, North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un initially subdued the war effort

Germans fear escalation i

Up until now, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have been particularly upbeat