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Megatrends - Robots and A

Robots exist in industrial production since the middle of the 20th century. Many

Artificial intelligence i

If someone is familiar with robot journals, then Retresco. Founded in 2008 in

Artificial Intelligence:

Microsoft and Facebook have announced the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) project as

Turkish intelligence work

One year after the attempted coup attempt in Turkey, the number of asylum

Artificial Intelligence -

Hardly any industry that currently does not think about the use of artificial

Top News on Travis Kalani

              1. Ex-Uber-Boss Travis Kalanick does not make the Steve JobsIn the past days,

Artificial Intelligence -

Aida is, of course, not a human being. She is a virtual customer

Social Network: Facebook

Facebook wants to use more self-learning software in the fight against counterfeit messages.

Top news on Hyperloop, Fa

Google Street View has now also reached Earth orbit: From now on, users