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Against: Google wants to

Alphabet is testing a billion-dollar stake in the over-competitor Lyft. This is reported

Google mother wants to go

The Google mother alphabet wants loudly according to media reports in the over-competitor

Noise-canceling headphone

The button was the riddle that is now aired. When a few weeks

Search Engine: Google End

Google plans to end its first-click-free program. So far, it has allowed users

APK: Google Photos Update

Google has released a new version of its Google Photos gallery app. Purely

Google Cloud Platform: Ne

Google has opened a new location in Germany for its cloud infrastructure. This

Encryption: Google throws

Google has announced that it will no longer want to trust the Symantec

Market abuse abused: Goog

The search engine Google is taking legal action against the competition of €

Top news on Google Cloud,

          For all techies there is an obligatory program at 7 pm tonight: the

Google now offers cloud s

Companies in Germany are still facing skepticism from cloud services – also because