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Smarter Speakers: Google

Google expands its smart speaker Home, but keeps it covered to announce the

Image processing: Google

Visible watermarks to protect commercial images can be removed according to Google with

Card service: Google intr

Google has introduced a new feature for its maps map. On the information

Searchlight: Google tests

Google is currently testing a version of its Google search app for Android,

Top News on General Motor

At least now it has to go uphill with Uber again. The service

Deeplearn.js: Google brin

"We want to open machine learning to as many people as possible," writes

Dex-Bytecode: Google show

Creating Android apps from source to APK files is a comparatively complicated process.

Top news on DisruptJ20, G

Bill Gates has donated $ 4.6 billion worth of Microsoft shares in July

According to complaints:

In its search results, the search engine group Google will no longer refer

Google sends back street-

In 2010, Google stopped its street-view journeys in Germany. At the end of