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22:35 The Dow Jones index of the default values ​​closed 0.2 percent lower

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18:00 The SMI rose by 0.4 percent to 9134 points. The Federal Reserve

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15:45 On Wall Street the Dow Jones index of the default values ​​barely

US economy - Philly Fed i

The regional bank's indicator (Philly Fed index) rose by 4.9 points to 23.8

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12:50 The Swiss Market Index (SMI), new, the weight of the biggest stocks

Money Policy - Japan '

"This does not mean that they have to go as well," said Haruhiko

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07:49 The oil prices on Thursday after the profits of the previous day

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22:30 After the fears of the Fed's predicted Fed on Wednesday, the Dow

Monetary Policy - Fed to

It announced on Wednesday in Washington that the portfolio swollen in the years

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22:44 The US default index Dow Jones closed at 22,370 jobs, an increase