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The dwindling fear of an armed conflict between the US and North Korea

Threatened state slump -

This could increase the food and drug dependency and lead to inflation in

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17:35 Fear of a period of political paralysis in the US and the

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10:10 Therefore, the market participants are withdrawing. "Before the weekend you do not

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The cash insider is also active on Twitter under @cashInsider. Read on the

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10:25 In addition, the foreign regulations were behavioral and the turmoil in the

Database: MongoDB apparen

The main sponsor and developer of the free NoSQL database MongoDB is apparently

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17:40 The SMI increases by 0.3 per cent to 9038 points. Dealers say

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According to pre-market indicators, the Swiss Market Index (SMI) will continue unchanged.

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17:45 The nervousness of the investors because of the North Korean conflict has