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Erdogan's meddling in

The Turkish president's call for the boycott of the CDU and the SPD

Saxony and Thuringia: Ang

Pegida and AfD were abused by Angela Merkel. The Federal Chancellor and the

Trend for the election of

One in four votes before the election day. That was not the case

Date and course of the im

The Bundestag election is Germany's most important choice. How so? Because for the

Bundestag election 2017:

On 24 September, a new Bundestag will be elected. The topics of the

Bundestagswahl 2017: Elec

On 30th August, the election O-Mat will be released and will help with

AfD before Bundestagswahl

In the middle of the popular Düsseldorfer Aushrviertel, the old town, the AfD

Dozens of deaths after th

According to human rights activists, at least 24 people have been killed in

Merkel's election cam

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given up the goal of full employment in

Fake News - How «Astrotu

"When it comes to defending it is not enough to check so-called fake