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Tado Radiators: More battery life and more statistics

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

At the Ifa, Tado showed his next software update for the radiator thermostats and gave an outlook on future possibilities. With future, up-to-date updates, which will soon be distributed, the heating radiators will be able to reach a running time of two typical heating periods, as the company told us. Corresponding optimizations already existed some months ago, but with side effects. With us several fresh LR6 batteries were suddenly declared as empty in summer. This is a phenomenon which we only know of the Eneloop batteries in our test, but which can still be used.

Tado told us on demand, that one further from the use of batteries off. While the support but for example claims that the batteries would be emptied very quickly and would then possibly still be usable in remote controls, but Tado on the spot realized that batteries can be used quite well. However, they can not be correctly classified so that empty messages are generated. On the part of the development the problem is considered. In our experience, however, the Eneloop batteries, which belong to the LSD batteries, can be used without problems. An exception are the powerful Pro batteries, which are actually significantly faster. During a summer measurement the pro batteries lost about twice the capacity compared to the normal Eneloop batteries.
By software update, however, not only the power consumption of the thermostats is reduced, but also significantly more statistics are output. It is then possible to find out how often the measurement has detected open windows and responded accordingly. The new climatic port also presents the effects of weather forecast on heating. An energy saving report is also intended to illustrate the potential savings.

The energy saving report is already available via the app update. The new firmware for the rotary control should follow soon.


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