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System-related driving error: Rikknen lacks trust

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 6:45 pm

Kimi Rikknen struggles with car and track more than with his opponents

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(cafetheology.org) – While Sebastian Vettel impressively took pole position on the streets of Singapore, Kimi Rikknen had a bitter defeat. Only fourth place, with a rich reckoning of 0.578 seconds on his own team colleague are a similar clapping as for his countryman Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. The Finn complains about a lack of constancy on the Marina Bay Circuit, which has brought him to a starting position in the front row. After he had been in Q1 and Q2 before Sebastian Vettel (results of the Formula One qualifying from Singapore ), the latter hit again, when it arrived. It now stands 10: 4 in the qualifying duel for the German. And Rikknen, as in Spa-Francorchamps and Sochi, threw away a possible starting point in the first row. This time he made an acquaintance with the wall in Curve 14, the Connaught curve. "It's generally a difficult weekend right from the start," says the Iceman about his performance on Saturday night. "In qualifying it was better than the whole weekend before but it still did not feel like I expected it to be, so it's a satisfactory result for this difficult weekend." Would the first row have been possible? "Actually, she's always possible," he shrugs. "But as I said, the weekend was generally difficult." (So ​​the qualifying session went to the 2017 Grand Prix in Singapore) Lacking confidence prevents last reservesRikknen complains about lack of trust in the vehicle. While Vettel was able to overcome this weakness, the 37-year-old also fought with the driving behavior of the Ferrari SF70H on Saturday. "On a humpbacky track like this, it is a challenge to be fast on every corner, even with a perfect car, and you need a car that knows exactly what is going to happen, "It's really hard for us to make a problem and create a new one, it's a compromise, it is really difficult enough to make everything 100 percent right and reach every round 100 percent maximum. But if things do not go the way you want, it will be even more difficult. It's like in Monaco: If you do not have confidence, you'll make a small mistake quickly. "This does not make it easier for the race to be where Constance still meh r. "It's a difficult course with lots of curves and a lot of places where you can make mistakes, you have to go to the limit, sometimes it's good, sometimes not, but that's our job nothing else than what we are accustomed to. "Podiumspot not deprecatedFrom the first row, it seems quite astonishing after the faint Friday at Ferrari. Rikknen believes that somewhat cooler conditions of Scuderia have helped. "We tried a lot of things, but it was not the case that things were different in qualifying," he says. "It was a good match in qualifying – we were more competitive than ever this weekend, only the feeling was not good." "Yesterday, at least I was not even close to Red Bull," said the 2007 world champion continue. "Today, with a few mistakes, we could have made it a little less difficult before the end of the qualifying, but we've seen a lot of them this season, too "Red Bull seems to be a little more stable than we do." For the race, Rikknen still pays quite a bit, despite the lack of trust in the car: "We still have work ahead, but I'm taking the fourth place, and we can hopefully make progress and build on it tomorrow, but many things can happen with safety cars and things, sometimes you need some luck – if you stop at the wrong time and the safety car rages, it can take a lot of time, so you do not have that in your hand, but we are in a good position for tomorrow, it will be a long race and we will make the best of it. "


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