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Syrian government troops recapture IS territory

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

After three years, the Syrian government has broken through a siege ring of the IS terrorism in the east of the country. Army and allied forces had reached the enclave encircled by the IS in the city of Dair as-Saur, the Syrian military leadership said on Tuesday.

Province of Dair as-Daur is "Terror-Hochburg"
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had succeeded in opening a corridor to the besieged units. The province of Dair as-Daur is one of the strongholds of the terrorist Islamic state (IS) in Syria. The extremists control large parts of the city of the same name since 2014. There, too, troops of the government have been included in two enclaves.

President Assad congratulated his troops
The units wanted to reach the airport Dair as-Saurs, which is further besieged by the IS, it said from Syrian military circles. The success was a "strategic turn" in the fight against the terror, declared the army leadership. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad congratulated his troops. They had "proved their steadfastness in the face of the most notorious terrorist group." According to the governor of Dair as-Saur, Mohammed Ibrahim al-Samara, 70,000 civilians and nearly 7,000 troops were included in the city. In the past, the UN had thrown relief out of the air to provide the distressed people. A local who wanted to remain unnamed reported on Tuesday that the people in Dair as-Saur would celebrate the "victory".

IS is weakened by defeats
For the IS, a series of defeats continues. Previously they had lost large areas in the north and center of Syria, but also in Iraq. A Kurd-led alliance has also taken more than half of the Syrian IS High Castle Al-Rakka. If the army and its allies take Dair as-Saur, this would be a great success for the Assad government. The government is pursuing the goal of pushing forward to the Iraqi border further east. Then they would have a land connection from the capital Damascus to Iraq and further into Iran. Shiite regional power is one of Assad's main allies.

Syria continues to receive support from Russia
Also Russia as another partner of the Syrian government supports the offensive. The Russian frigate "Admiral Essen" had fired from the Mediterranean several sails of the caliber type on IS positions in the combat area around Dair as-Saur, the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow said


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