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Symposium Broadband Policy: Unitymedia wants to quickly create many gigabit cities

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Unitymedia, the cable network operator, plans to offer Gigabit data rates to many other cities in Bochum. Wolf Osthaus, member of the management board of the cable network operator association Anga and member of the board of management of Unitymedia, said on 6 September 2017 at the symposium on broadband policy in Berlin. "Bochum will be a gigabit city at the beginning of 2018. It will not stay with the city and it will continue relatively quickly."

Unitymedia announced at the Cebit 2017, the Ruhr area Bochum to the first city in Germany, in which the TV cable network operator offers Gigabit accesses with Docsis 3.1.
Osthaus said: "Every tenth customer already chooses our top product at 400 MBit / s." But the high data rate then to deliver to all households at any time also demands considerable efforts in the network expansion. Network segments would have to be reduced by node splits and the glass fiber should be brought closer and closer to the customer.
Docsis 3.1 cheap or expensive
For a full removal with Docsis 3.1, data transmission rates of 10 GBit / s can be achieved. This requires, however, the exchange of all active and passive components in the TV cable network, amplifiers are the active components, the passive are splitters and tabs.
The cable network standard Docsis 3.1 can also be used without upgrading the hardware completely, but the operator does not reach 10 GBit / s. The exact throughput is then dependent on the existing network and the overall frequency plan of the operator. The network operators distribute the spectrum for DVB-C, Video on Demand, Docsis 3.0, analogue TV and FM radio. In order to get higher data rates without huge investments, cable network operators such as Unitymedia and Vodafone want to switch off analogue TV. Thus 1 GBit / s can then be offered.


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