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Swiss equities market – foreign short-term buyers are on the brink News

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Economy

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In view of the large weather situation, the foreign short-term buyers on the Swiss stock market should feel really puddle. Only when it rains and rains on the stock exchange can it be earned money for them.
However, the big weather situation – just a few days ago, the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) plunged briefly to below 10,000 points – a completely wrong picture of the situation.
The fear of losing money is growing day by day. This is why foreign short-term buyers are increasingly covered by us. At the very least, reports from the local professional trade conclude this.
Panic-driven cover transactions were most recently observed especially in the shares of the sensor manufacturer AMS, so I let myself be told.
This does not surprise me, the long-term speculation around delays in the anniversary model of the iPhones with the key note of next Tuesday with the big Apple Apple finally come to an end. Supposedly, so many sensors from the house are installed in the iPhone 8 as never before with another model.

Aggressive cover purchases push the AMS shares (Source: www.cash.ch)
In addition, the promising prospects for 3D sensors keep short-selling from building new bets against the shares of AMS. At the latest since the undisputed takeover of Heptagon, the sensor manufacturer in this product category plays its own league.
In the last few days the hunt for the short-selling was made in the papers of Vifor Pharma. The analyst was a pioneer for MainFirst Bank. He postponed the shares two weeks ago from "Underperform" to "Neutral", after temporarily losing the 100 franc price target.
In the meantime, it appears to have been the attention of the pharmaceutical department of Credit Suisse to the pharmaceutical producer from Berne. Vifor Pharma is one of the ten most frequently vacant companies in Switzerland, according to a daily comment from the Grossbank. And even if the author does not write it explicitly, he at least makes it clear that he is expecting higher price quotations with regard to the investor day from the end of September.
Although the shares alone increased by 5 per cent since Monday, the figure for the year to date still amounts to a minus of 12 per cent.
The papers of Burckhardt Compression were also actively sought in the last days. The manufacturer of piston compressors weighs on the doubtful reputation of the most frequently vacant company in Switzerland. It is estimated that Burckhardt Compression is speculating with every fourth share, ie 25% of all outstanding shares.
As a disclosure report to the Swiss stock exchange SIX reveals, the fund provider J O Hambro has recently expanded its stake to 6.89 (previously 5.06) percent.
As long as the order situation at Burckhardt Compression does not clear up, the foreign short-term buyers are certainly in the saddle.
The retailers had a simple game in the last few weeks at Kudelski. The technology company from a suburb of Lausanne needs to reinvent itself once again. Since the advance into the future-proof cyber security business is associated with high pre-investments, Kudelski only a few weeks ago forced a profit warning.
Since one third of the stock market value has escaped in smoke since the beginning of the year, traders are now reporting their biggest purchases for the first time at prices below 12 francs.

The shares of Straumann (red) and Temenos (green) leave the SPI (violet) far behind (Source: www.cash.ch)
In short, by the way, Straumann and Temenos are the ones who are forced to go to their knees. In the shares of the dental implant manufacturer from Basel, the advance in the billions market for orthodontic orthodontics caused new course records, while those of the Geneva softwarmers, on the other hand, were speculating about an early increase in the company's annual forecasts. In addition, analysts always pour oil into the (course) fire with aggressive purchase recommendations. A bit of damage is allowed at this point …
"Short buyers are the best buyers" is an old stock exchange. In fact Straumann, AMS and Temenos are impressively demonstrating that the short-selling retailers will have to reopen their bets some time – which often pushes the price of the shares concerned.
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