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Swellpro Agile Series: Waterproof drone for recreation

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

Swellpro has shown on the Ifa Mockups of his upcoming Agile drone. The manufacturer known for its water-resistant drones wants to offer a more favorable leisure variant of its Splash drones. As the manufacturer told us, the development should be completed in a few months.

That the drone is intended for sports and leisure tasks, you can see the aircraft. It is probably equipped with three-leaved rotors, but the data sheets are not consistent with this. The Quadrocopter has a wind-shaped shape and a front camera for 2K shots. The camera corresponds to the protection class IP67 can be submerged for a short time. This means that the drone can easily land in the water and be used, for example, on beaches or inland waters. With most of the drones one should rather leave this.
With the battery weighs the drone around 440 grams and is supposed to fly between 12 and 15 minutes.

    The Agile-Drone … (Photo: Martin Wolf / Golem.de)

In addition to the Agile drone is also planned an Agile X called drone. According to the manufacturer, this is also for sporty flying own. Both drones come with a remote-controlled remote control. Details about their protection class are not yet available. The remote control works on the 2.4 GHz band and allows a maximum distance to the operator of one kilometer. Video data is transmitted on the 5 GHz band. A Micro SD card can be used in the drones. However, this can not be larger than 64 GB.

Swellpro is planning a price of around 800 euros for the smallest version of the Agile series. How expensive the Agile-X drone is, is still unknown.


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