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Survey shows – One third of SMEs does not have cyber-security strategy News

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Economy

In a survey, one-third of SME administrations said they did not have a corresponding strategy. In the case of large companies, only a half-yearly survey by the swissVR Board of Directors is carried out in cooperation with Deloitte and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, according to the swissVR Monitor.
Across all companies, 35 per cent of the 464 respondents indicated that their company is pursuing a clear cybersecurity strategy, and a third such a strategy is under development, as evidenced by a weekend announcement.
The issue of cybersecurity is also a topic of recent attacks such as Wanna Cry and Not Petya. According to 78 percent of the administrators surveyed, the importance of cyber security issues has increased over the last three years.
Only 16 percent of the administrative boards of major companies said that they had not discussed the issue in the Supervisory Board last year. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) it is 35 percent.
Efficiency remains top priority
Cybersecurity is therefore increasingly on the radar of administrative boards. But most of all they were concerned with one issue: the increase in efficiency and process optimization. These topics are included in the list of priorities even before digitization, robotics and automation.
The companies want to succeed thus in the international environment and in the face of the current currency situation, as swissVR President Christian Wunderlin cites in the communication.
At the moment, however, many companies are currently in the process of assessing the prospects for the economy, their sector and their company for the next twelve months more positively than six months previously. Sixty percent of respondents viewed their business outlook positively.
Particularly in information and communication technology, in the chemical industry and in the manufacturing sector, the administrative boards are optimistic. The financial services industry, the retail and consumer goods industries are less confident.


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