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Stride: Atlassians answer to Slack for less money

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Gadgets

The software company Atlassian has introduced Stride, a chat program that takes several ideas from competitors such as Skype or its own already established tool Hipchat and integrates into a stand-alone application. Stride is intended to be used for corporate communications and is rather less interesting for end users. Atlassian intends to compete with the Teamchat Slack, which has similar functions, but with a lower price from the competitor.

Stride's features include group chats and one-to-one messages in text form, as well as voice and video chat, as well as teamwork tools. The program includes a whiteboard, which can be used in parallel by several participants. Stride also integrates a kind of to-do list, which can be shared with other people.
Similar program as in Hipchat
Groupchats can be organized in chat channels, which the program displays on the left margin. Users can also adjust whether and how complex they want to be notified of activities in chat rooms. As in the Atlassian program Hipchat, people and their status are listed under the rooms. Another similarity: the ability to upload and share documents or other files within the program.
Multiple people can use the Videochat as an online meeting. In addition, users can stream online presentations in Stride. Remote Desktop should also be possible. This reminds a little of the functionality of the Teamviewer remote maintenance software.

    For some functions must be paid. (Picture: Atlassian)

Stride is also to offer various developer tools, which allows to create own company applications. In addition, the program should be able to connect with external software such as Google Drive, Github and Google Calendar.
It is available free of charge in limited functionality. All features are unlocked for $ 3 per user per month. This includes unlimited cloud storage instead of 5 GB, unlimited integrated apps instead of a maximum of 10 and instead of 25,000 messages an unlimited chat history. Remote desktop, screen sharing and advanced meeting features are available only for payment. Competitor Slack offers its product from 7 euros per user and month. All functions, but costs almost 12 euros a month.
Stride is currently in an early access phase and will probably change accordingly.


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