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Streamripper: Music industry will turn off Youtube-mp3.org

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The music industry has agreed with Youtube-mp3.org, the largest streamripper service to convert youtube videos to MP3 files, to a shutdown. This is reported by onlinemagazine Torrentfreak, citing internal court documents. The German operator Philip Matesanz and his company PMD Technologies UG have to pay an undisclosed payment to the music industry.

The lawsuit against Youtube-mp3.org was submitted in September 2016. These include IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), and BPI (British Phonographic Industry). The music companies and labels UMG Recordings, Capitol Records, Warner Bros., Sony Music, Arista Records, Atlantic Records and others filed the lawsuit at the California District Court.
Web address must be issued
Matesanz and the music industry have agreed on a settlement. The agreement is not public, was provided by the operator of the Rippers but Torrentfreak. Both parties then demand that the decision be taken by the music industry. The web address has to be published, a stop of the copyright infringements is assured. So far the offer is still online.
In addition, the operator undertakes to omit the "design, development, offer or use of technologies or services commonly known as streaming or to allow and facilitate other types of copyright infringement."

The court has yet to confirm the agreement. Youtube-mp3.org is said to be responsible for 40 percent of all illegal copies of the soundtrack of Youtube videos. The platform is expected to have 60 million visits a month. The service extracts like many similar offers after entering a Youtube URL the soundtrack of the video in the MP3 format and offers the file for the download.


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