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Streaming: Netflix introduces a button to skip the opening credits

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

In the first series, Netflix offers a manual jump function for pre-tensioning. This makes the viewing of a TV series more comfortable, especially when watching bingeing when several episodes of a series are viewed in sequence. Spectators can skip the same beginning track. This also works when the series starts with action and only afterwards the leader is inserted.

Function not available yet
The new function is not available for all series. In a sample, we found the jump button at Breaking Bad, Orange is the new black, Narcos, Expanse and Black Mirror. In the series Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Dexter, Suits and Designated Survivor there was also a possibility to skip the review manually.
In the series The Good Wife, Orphan Black, White Collar, The Walking Dead and Bates Motel, the button is still missing. We asked Netflix at the beginning of the week, in which window the function is generally made available but has not been answered so far.
It is also not known whether all customers can already use these functions and when the implementation has begun. A search on Twitter shows that they are available to an increasing number of customers – they have also recently been used in a Netflix account used by Golem.de. The function may be enabled in stages for customers.
Works on all devices
If the Netflix account features are active, they may be available on all supported devices, and no Netflix app update is required. We could use them on a Fire TV and several Android devices with the Netflix app without any difference.
The manual bias jump function had announced Netflix in the spring.

For a long time, Netflix automatically skipped the start of serial episodes when they are at the very beginning. Also, retrospect is not played back. However, the automatic fails for all series, with the leader is not at the beginning.
Amazon video hides skip function
Netflix 'main competitor Amazon offers in its video streaming service also a skipping function, however hitherto something hiding and also not on all series. If a series is provided with X-ray information, the leader can often be skipped. X-Ray fades into the current picture, which actors can be seen in a scene.
In the X-Ray area there is also a kind of chapter function in a sub-menu. There is often a separate chapter for the header, which can then be skipped. An automatic to skip a preamble is not available at Amazon Video so far.


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