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Stop Barcelona: Police shoot five terrorists

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | World News

Shortly after the deadly attack in Barcelona came a second incident in Spain. In the coastal town of Cambrils attackers wanted to commit another attack – the police shot several men. The events in Spain in the newsblog.

In the city of Cambrils some 100 kilometers southwest of Barcelona, ​​the emergency forces shot five suspected terrorists in the night to Friday. The victims were said to have carried explosive belts, which later proved to be dummies, as the news agency "Reuters" reports. In addition, the men transferred several civilians with a car before the police could put them, as the "Associated Press" reports.

Perhaps they wanted to imitate the attack on the Las Ramblas tourist district in Barcelona. The fate of the driver was not known until early Friday. The federal government checks whether Germans are among the victims.

Seven people were injured in the operation in Cambrils, two of them hard, as the Catalan Civil Protection wrote on Twitter. Among the injured was also a policeman. According to Spanish media, the perpetrators in a car have been controlled by the police. When he was upset after a persecution, they fled and then shot down. Previously they would have approached people.

According to the authorities, there is probably a link between the acts in Barcelona and Cambrils as well as in the city of Alcanar, where a person died on Wednesday in an explosion in a residential house. According to information from the newspaper "El Pais" about 20 gas bottles have been stored.

  The death toll of Barcelona could rise
Two suspects who were again linked to the attack in Barcelona were arrested, said Polizeichef Josep Lluís Trapero. One of the two men was a Moroccan, the other was from the Spanish exclave Melilla. A suspect, shot dead in a police check, had no connections with the action. He had tried, according to media reports, to break a police check.

According to the Ministry of Interior, the number of victims of the attack in Barcelona could rise further. About 100 people were injured, some of them very difficult, said Interior Minister Joaquim Forn, Catalan regional government. The terrorist Islamic state (IS) claimed the attack according to its so-called news agency "Amak".

As in a "war zone"
Photos from Barcelona showed corpses on the roadside. According to reports, the vehicle had driven to the promenade in the center of the city at a high pace. A tourist said the vehicle was zigzagged, "to catch a maximum of pedestrians". According to reports, people panicked across the streets.

Many people would have cried and put themselves at home in stores like security, reported witnesses. A German tourist said it was like a "war zone". "Policemen with machine guns and guns in the attack came running in the street toward me." Traffic in the center of the city had collapsed. The shops on the pedestrian mall would have closed and their windows shut down.

Police in large scale
Eyewitnesses spoke in the state Spanish television of a one-time perpetrator, who was said to have been in the early 20th century. The white vans were rifled in the crowd at about 80 kilometers per hour. The driver of the van is said to have been a man of about 1.70 meters in size, wearing a white shirt with blue stripes, as the newspaper "El Periódico de Catalunya" reported.

The police were on the spot with a large squad on the famous promenade and asked the population to avoid the neighborhood. The affected area was blocked off. Many hospitals were in operation. Nearby subway stations and other public transport were closed, it said.

"ZDF" reports of three German death sacrifices
According to the German Foreign Office, it was initially unclear whether Germans were among the victims. This is being tested with high pressure, said a spokeswoman. The "ZDF" reported three German death sacrifices, citing security circles. The Catalan authorities only reported that Germans and other people from more than 20 other nations had been harmed. Whether they were killed or injured remained open.

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy consulted with high-ranking representatives of the security apparatus on the ground. He announced a pact against terrorism at a press conference. "It is a global threat and the answer must be global," he said according to the newspaper "La Vanguardia". The government called three mourning days. On Friday, King Felipe was to come to a memorial to Barcelona.

Time and again attacks with vehicles
According to the IS language channel "Amak" several perpetrators were involved in the attack. They were "soldiers of the Islamic state," reported Amak, citing sources of unspecified security. They would have responded to calls to attack the states of the "international coalition". The authenticity of the message could not be verified at first. It was spread over the usual channels of "Amak" on the Internet.

Since last summer, attacks on vehicles have repeatedly taken place in Europe. In July 2016 an assassin with a truck in Nice raced into a crowd. 86 people died. In December 2016 twelve people were killed in the attack with a captured vice on the Berlin Christmas market at the memory church. In spring 2017 there were also fatal attacks with vehicles in London and Stockholm.


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