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+++ Stock Ticker +++ – United States: Significant profits after hurricane weakening News

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Economy

The US leading index Dow Jones Industrial 1.19 percent higher at 22 057.37 points. For the broader S & P 500, it rose 1.08 percent to 2488.11 points. This means that its record mark of 2490 points is now within reach. The technology-driven Nasdaq 100 rose by 1.14 percent to 5980.53 points.
"Irma" continued to be bogged down in the US and remained dangerous, but has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. The current damage could ultimately amount to less than 50 billion US dollars instead of nearly 200 billion dollars as expected, said an analyst.
Accordingly, shares of insurers were among the winners on the stock market. The Travelers' papers, for example, rose by about 2 percent. Shares of the motor insurance company Progressive and those of AIG similarly similarly increased.
With a special gesture Tesla pleased the investors: The electric car manufacturer had to escape the eddy current in the US additional range by software update. According to the journalist Stefan Porteck of "Heise", "it is very clear that the manufacturer always has access to his own car from afar, which can have unpleasant consequences." Tesla shares rose by almost 6 percent.
Apple's shares also attracted attention before the launch of the next iPhones. A good ten years after the launch of the first iPhone generation, the IT company is expected to present a super iPhone this Tuesday. The screen should fill almost the entire front side and instead of unblocking the device by fingerprint it is now to recognize the face of its owner.
At the beginning of the week the Apple papers won just under 2 percent. Only at the beginning of September they had reached a record high of just under 165 US dollars.
S & P sets record closing high as storm, N. Korea fear fades https://t.co/QSdm9EbkRP
– Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 11, 2017
The Swiss Stock Exchange is launching into the new week. Above all, strong price gains from insurers Swiss Re and Zurich ensured a good mood. The leading index SMI rose by 0.8 percent to 8983 points. The SPI also increased 0.8 percent to 10'258 points.
The focus was on insurance values ​​across Europe – not least because of the cyclone "Irma", which raged over Florida. Swiss Re is the world's number two in the industry, said President Walter Kielholz of "Switzerland at the weekend". However, exact claims are not yet known. Events like this could provide reinsurance with arguments for price increases. As a result, Swiss Re hopes to stabilize prices, as the Group communicated at the annual round of negotiations in Monte Carlo. On the stock market, this was a good one and the Swiss Re shares jumped 4.3 percent. The titles of the Zurich Insurance Group and the life insurer Swiss Life were also in demand and attracted more than two percent each.
Credit Suisse gained 2.4 per cent of value in the major banks and 1.5 per cent in UBS. The shares of the asset manager Julius Baer were also 1.5 per cent higher.
The red lantern held Roche. The shares in the Pharmaceutical Group were the only standard value at a discount of 1.3 percent. The mean lampalizumab missed the proof of effectiveness in a phase III test for the treatment of the eye disease AMD. And also the skin cancer drug Zelboraf could not prove its effect in a phase III study. On the other hand, the Novartis shares benefited from a positive study and rose 0.5 percent.
The US dollar rises to the euro and to the franc. This means that the euro will cost 1.1984 USD in the late afternoon, after being in the lunar trade above the 1.20 USD mark. The dollar-franc exchange rate is now trading at 0.9522 CHF. At noon he was still under the brand of 0.95 CHF.
Citigroup's trading business has slowed down in the summer. Trading revenues were about 15 percent down on the previous year's figure, said Finance Commissioner John Gerspach on Monday at an investor conference. Citigroup had still benefited from the market upturns after the Brexit vote of the British. Already in the second quarter, the yields on bonds, currencies and commodities had declined in the major US banks. Also in the credit card business the Citigroup winds in the face. He expects a "slight increase" in credit losses, Gerspach said.
The US stock markets have started off nicely in the new trading week. Investors were relieved on Monday that the devastating hurricane "Irma" has now weakened.
"This is a relief rally," said market economist Peter Cardillo from the investment house First Standard Financial. "It looks as if Florida was spared the worst."
The Dow Jones index of the default values ​​recorded 0.8 percent more solidly at 21,979 points in the first minutes. The broader S & P 500 rose 0.7 percent to 2479 counts. The index of the Nasdaq technology market climbed one percent to 6422 positions.
The interest of the investors was above all due to the world's largest generic producer Teva. The parent company of the German ratiopharm will be headed by the former head of the Danish pharma group Lundbeck, Kare Schultz. The staff at the exchange was dazzling. Teva shot up 13 percent in New York.
On the losing side, on the other hand, there was a snap with a share price of one percent. Investors separated from the papers of the Snapchat operator, after being downgraded by analysts.
Breaking News – Stocks OpenSolidly Higher as Irma Is Downgraded and North Korea Is Quiet https://t.co/QxyDFBRLFq
– TheStreet (@TheStreet) September 11, 2017
The price of crude oil from the Organization of Exporting Countries (Opec) has increased again. The Opec Secretariat reported on Monday that the basket price on Friday amounted to 52.53 US-Dollar per barrel (159 liters). That was five cents more than on Thursday. Opec calculates its basket price based on the most important varieties of the cartel.

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The Swiss stock market started well on Monday in the new stock exchange week and is linked to the positive development from the end of last week.
Above all, strong price gains from insurers Swiss Re and Zurich ensured a good mood. In addition, investors reacted to the fact that a new North Korea missile test failed. The leading index SMI rose by 0.7 percent to 8972 points. A drop of vermouth was the decline in index heavyweight Roche: the pharmacist informed about setbacks with two drugs. A local holiday in the city of Zurich is also noticeable: sales are lower than usual, said a market participant.
The MSCI World Index is growing by 0.4 percent and reaches a new record high of 481.31 points. The index represents around 2,400 shares in 47 countries.
Further rising prices on the Swiss stock exchange. The European markets are supported by Asia, where the most important exchanges grew. Dealers are talking about a reassure on the Korean peninsula after North Korea has not tested further rockets. At the same time, the hurricane "Irma", currently raging in the US state of Florida, seems to be weakening. In addition, the US dollar is recovering and the risk appetite of investors is increasing, according to a dealer.
These are the current top flop shares in the SMI:

The shares of the reinsurance company Swiss Re and the insurer Zurich Insurance are heavily sought on Monday morning. On the market the mark-ups are justified by the absence of the worst-case scenario at Hurricane Irma. In addition, the disaster at Swiss Re could have a positive effect on prices in the forthcoming renegotiations of premiums (detailed report).
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) starts with an increase of 0.2 percent at 8933 points. The slight upward trend, which had been seen in the second half of last week, could thus continue. Support is provided by the Asian markets. Dealers are talking about a reassure on the Korean peninsula after North Korea has not tested further rockets.
The Roche profit-sharing certificates were up 0.9 percent. In its Phase III study BRIM8, the Pharmac group did not reach the set targets (primary endpoint) with the drug Zelobraf for the treatment of mutation-positive melanoma. Roche also missed the primary endpoint with the lampalizumab test for the treatment of atrophy (GA).
Novartis (+0.2 per cent) are better off. The company had presented new data on the efficacy of Lucentis (Ranibizumab). In addition, the combination therapy of Tafinlar and Mekinist showed a reduced risk of relapse in the treatment of a specific type of skin cancer compared to placebo. The third heavyweight Nestlé wins 0.2 percent. According to media reports, the food company is apparently investigating the acquisition of Merck's non-prescription health care products.
Are #Nestle and #Merck coming into the business? https://t.co/HTJcTUvZMM
– Börse ARD (@boerseARD) September 11, 2017

In terms of insurance, Swiss Re is pushing forward by 3.7 percent. At the current ongoing meeting in Monte Carlo, the reinsurer is confident that the prices that have been steadily declining in recent years have been stabilizing. Zurich are hoping for lower than expected "Irma" losses, 1.6 percent.
Cyclists also make a good start to the week. For example, ABB (+0.4 per cent), Adecco (+0.6 per cent) or LafargeHolcim (+0.5 per cent) are without positive news. Credit Suisse and UBS are also well positioned in the race (+1.2 percent each). SGS is climbing 1.6 per cent with a rating increase by CS.
On the wide market it is relatively quiet. Edisun (+0.3 per cent) completed the planned capital increase and thereby took 5.12 million CHF in fresh funds. Evolva (+4.8 percent) reported a contract with the US government on insect protection.
Meanwhile, the stock markets in Asia are closed. The investors there were relieved that North Korea did not perform a new rocket test on National Day. This was considered a relaxation in the smoldering conflict.
The courses on Monday were particularly strong in Japan. This was also due to the weaker yen, which encouraged exports. The Nikkei 225 lead index rose by 1.4 per cent to 19 545.77 points. In the previous week, a stronger yen and the North Korean conflict had slipped the index by more than 2 percent.
Also the courses in South Korea rose. The Kospi climbed in the late trade by 0.7 percent. In Hong Kong, the slope-seng index rose by just under a percent. The Chinese CSI-300 index, which represents the 300 largest stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, hardly moved. However, Chinese stocks had also outperformed many other markets in the region during the previous week.
The gold price drops in value on Monday morning. One ounce currently costs 1337.51 dollars (-0.7 percent). The background should be the relief of remaining missile tests in North Korea.
Gold, Silver: Bulls could get airttps: //t.co/An2zL0yKJ5#Gold #Silver #Traden #Formationstrader
– Formationstrader (@Formationstrade) September 11, 2017

The Swiss Market Index (SMI) is expected to start 0.1 percent higher at 8923 points according to pre-market indicators of Bank Julius Baer. To ease the risk of remaining missile tests in North Korea, investors are likely to buy stocks again on Monday, according to market opinion.
Roche's profitability (-1.7 percent) is particularly striking. The pharmaceutical company has suffered a setback in a study with its skin cancer drug Zelboraf. Competitor Novartis (+0.9 per cent) posted a success in a similar area.
Because of "Irma" the reinsurers are the focus. Munich Re believes that the storm will cause high costs for Florida and the insurance sector. In Monte Carlo, reinsurers, brokers and customers meet to discuss the conditions for the renewal of a large part of reinsurance contracts in the traditional property and casualty business at the turn of the year. Swiss Re (+0.3 percent), Swiss Life (+0.2 percent) and Zurich (+0.4 percent) all increase.
Also the bank shares CS and UBS (each +0.6 per cent) are higher in the pre-market.
Investors are also likely to look closely at the shares of the pharmaceutical group Merck. According to insiders, the Swiss food giant Nestlé (+0.4 per cent) has kept an eye on Merck's dispensing business with non-prescription health products.
On Wall Street, the US indices had narrowed their gains slightly after the stock market closed in Europe. The Dow Jones ended the session 0.1 percent higher at 21,797 points, while the Nasdaq lost 0.6 percent. The S & P500 fell by 0.1 percent. In Tokyo, the Nikkei index rose by 1.4 percent on Monday to 19,541 counts. The Shanghai Composite remained nearly unchanged at 3366 points.
Speculation about a Nestle bid for Merck's non-prescription health care products allows investors to take shares in the Darmstadt Group. Merck shares are up by half a percent on Monday before trading and are among the biggest winners in the Dax.
The course of digital currency Bitcoin has lost value over the weekend. Currently, the course is $ 4145.70. On Friday afternoon the Bitcoin course stood at over 4600 dollars. Speculations about closures of Bitcoin exchanges in China are weighing on the crypt diet.
China said to ban
– Bloomberg Markets (@markets) September 11, 2017

Oil prices recover on Monday morning. The North Sea Brent currently costs 54.05 dollars (+0.5 percent). For the last four weeks, this represents an increase of 6.5 percent. The WTI variety is trading at 47.87 dollars (0.82 percent).
Last week, the yen's price had climbed to a ten-month high, making Japanese goods abroad more expensive. "There were worries about the profits of Japanese companies," Yoshinori Shigemi, JPMorgan Asset Management's market strategy, explained the reactions of the Börsians to the yen. For Kauflaune also ensured that the new nuclear test Nordkoreas, which was feared for the weekend, did not happen.
The Nikkei index, which is 225, was trading 1.4 percent higher at 19,541 points just before closing. The broader topix index rose 1.4 percent and was 1615 points.
The stock market in Shanghai was up 0.1 percent. The index of the main companies in Shanghai and Shenzen stepped on the spot. The MSCI index for Asian equities outside Japan rose by 0.4 percent.
One euro was valued at 1.2014 dollars after 1.2033 dollars in late New York trade. The dollar traded 108.39 yen after 107.83 yen in the US.
Asia stocks start the week higher in risk-on-mood w / Yen Weaker, Treasury ylds rising as Irma weakens & UN to vote on oil embargo of N Korea pic.twitter.com/tZAHHjmUAB
– Holger Zschaepitz (@Schuldensuehner) September 11, 2017

(Cash / Reuters / AWP)


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