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+++ Stock market ticker +++ – Swiss equities market is not on the move News

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Economy

The Swiss market index fell by 0.1 percent in early trading on Monday. On the mood still the "felt political chaos" in the US government, it is. Lastly, doubts were raised as to whether US President Donald Trump could carry out his full-bodied election promises on a larger scale.
In the US, the important indices also fell sharply in comparison to the Europe final on Friday evening. On the stock exchanges of Asia it ran meanwhile, but there were no major deviations. Otherwise, the week starts at first rather quiet. On the economic side, it is also quite quiet throughout the whole week. The biggest event will be the meeting of the central bankers in Jackson Hole from Thursday to Saturday. Among other things, Fed CEO Janet Yellen and ECB boss Mario Draghi will speak; But no significant statements are expected.
Positive outliers are Lindt & Sprüngli (+1.8 percent). The registered shares are recommended for purchase by UBS. The target price of the bank rose significantly to 75,000 from 66,000 Swiss francs (cash article). Adecco (+0.1 percent) is also more secure, following a price increase by Goldman Sachs. The rating remains "neutral".
Credit Suisse (-0.3 percent) and UBS (-0.2 percent) are affected by a collective complaint in the US. At the same time, pension funds raise collusion on various lending banks in order to prevent competition.
The heavyweights Nestlé (-0.1 percent) and Roche (-0.4 percent) also opened deeper. Nestlé is faced with a complaint in the US on the water business. In a collective complaint from customers the marketing company fraud at the mineral water mark "Poland Spring" is accused, writes the Wall Street Journal.
On the broad market on Monday, the only metal train on the half-year basis (-2 percent). In addition, Basilea (-0.3 percent), after Franklin Templeton reduced its stake to less than 5 percent after a good 9 percent.
In the wake of the terrorist attack in Spain on Friday, the company is mainly hit by pressure from the aviation industry and tourism:
Terror attacks hits European stocks & shares https://t.co/N9cj5m4J8H
– Victor Finance (@victorfinance) August 21, 2017
Asia's stock markets have ended the trade, which was rather negative due to concern for an economic weakening of the US and an expansion of the North Korean conflict. "Investors are concerned that Trump's policy will remain fragile and that its ability to implement the promises is limited," said analyst Masahiro Ichikawa from Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management. The Nikkei closed 0.4 percent lower at 19'393.13 points. At times he had rushed to the lowest level in 16 weeks. The broader topix lost 0.1 percent.
Southeast Asian stock markets are subdued today. Find out how the stocks are doing. #YahooFinance https://t.co/rJzxGd1HXF pic.twitter.com/GZRsraMLLa
– Yahoo Singapore (@YahooSG) August 21, 2017
The SMI drops by 0.2 percent in the pre-market, falling to 8857 points. As has been seen in the Asian markets, investors are losing confidence in a more economic US policy under President Donald Trump. In addition, US-South Korean military maneuvers are unsettling markets. These are criticized by North Korea, which causes new fears about a nuclear escalation in the East Asian Sea. On Friday the leading index fell by 0.8 per cent. Even the three-day meeting of the central bankers in the US Jackson Hole from Wednesday will hardly promote the risk situation, it said.
At the same time, the downturn hits the banks and cyclists somewhat more strongly than the rest of the market (at pre-market prices). UBS (-0.25 percent) and Credit Suisse (-0.21 percent) belong to a group of banks which, as announced today, are facing another US lawsuit for credit agreements. Only SMI stock, which is above-market, is Adecco (+0.06 percent).
At the beginning of the week oil prices kept their clear profits from Friday and hardly moved in early trading. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 52.67 USD on Monday morning. That was five cents less than on Friday.
Reuters: Reuters Oil steady as … https://t.co/RZBz9N1L1f business Israel
– mediatusiness (@mediat_biz) August 21, 2017
Many investors are doubtful whether President Donald Trump can boost economic growth as promised. "Every day comes something new that worries the market," said analyst Hikaru Sato of Daiwa Securities.
Investors were therefore risk-averse. Recently, Trump fired his right-wing chief Steve Bannon. On Monday, joint military exercises by the US and South Korea, which North Korea has sharply criticized, caused further nervousness.
The Nikkei with the 225 standard values ​​drops 0.3 percent to 19'403 points. On the sales lists, for example, there were financials. For example, the shares of Mitsubishi UFJ gave 1.3 per cent and Nomura 1.8 per cent.
The dollar barely changed to the euro and recorded with 1.1753. Compared to the Japanese currency, the greenback cost 109.22 yen.


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