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+++ Stock market ticker +++ – SMI in early trading negative – Santhera share breaks down News

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Economy

The Swiss Market Index is trading at a lower rate of 904 points a few minutes after trading. While the US dollar guidance was again slightly positive, the Dow Jones index closed at a record high. Support came from the expectations of President Donald Trump's tax reform as well as the stronger oil price. Important US macro data will also be the focus for the weekend. With the SMI it could happen at noon with the great decay to movements. The expiring futures and options contracts on the so-called "Hexensabbat" often lead to strong fluctuations.
The shares of the Liestaler company Santhera are the most negative. The share loses 58 percent. Background: Santhera has to report a setback in its application for the marketing authorization for its product Raxone. The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMM) has issued a negative opinion on the type II extension for Raxone for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Santhera intends to lodge an objection to the judgment (here, cash forum users discuss the Santhera share).
#Santhera with setback in Raxone's application. https://t.co/cjPYGpzFkm pic.twitter.com/gXkTsdD61o
– cash (@cashch) 15 September 2017
At the banks, Julius Baer (+0.6 percent) clearly responded to a promotion by the HSBC on "Buy" of "Hold". The long-term strategy of the bank is slowly bearing fruit, it says. In the meantime, Credit Suisse (-0.4 percent) has cleared another legacy burden from the financial crisis and concluded a settlement with a US insurance company in the case of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS). This results in a pre-tax charge of $ 79.5 million in the third quarter. UBS (-0.6 percent) are slightly lower than the market average. Nestlé (-0.5 percent) has taken over a Lifestyle Kaffemarke in the USA.
In the broad market Helvetia (-2.6 percent) are clearly under pressure after the exit from Raiffeisen. The bank separates itself completely from its 4 per cent share of the insurance. Sulzer (-1.3 percent) strengthens the application systems segment with a purchase in the dental sector. The German transcodent is expected to generate sales of EUR 17 million in the current year.
Aevis Victoria (+0.2 percent) reported positive half-year figures. Revenue grew slightly, but profit was stronger. In the meantime, Myriad (-10 percent) has applied for the delisting from the SIX. The shares lost around 65 percent of their value during the year.
Oil prices fell slightly on Friday. Strong impulses remained in early trading. In the morning a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent cost to delivery in November 55.26 US dollar. That was 0.3 percent less than on Thursday. Despite the losses, oil prices are heading for their second consecutive week of price increases. One reason for this is the new forecasts of the International Energy Agency IEA and the Opec oil cartel, both of which are based on a stronger demand for oil. In addition, short-term demand in the US is also increasing, as the refineries in the Gulf of Mexico are starting again after the Harvey storm.
The Swiss Market Index is indexed 0.115 percent lower at 9057 points. Only two stocks are up, Julius Baer (0.84 percent) and Adecco (0.24 percent). The assets of the asset manager benefited from a purchase recommendation from the HSBC, which raised the share to "buy" from "hold".
Some investors are unsettled because of a new launch of a North Korean rocket, said Börsian on Friday. In addition, many investors were lagging behind in important economic areas because of the unclear development of the future monetary policy.
Nestle is the focus of attention in Switzerland. The Lebensmittelriese expands its coffee business with a purchase in the USA and accepts a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee at an unnamed price. The share was trading somewhat weaker. Credit Suisse can file a further dispute over US mortgage loans. The institute reached an agreement with the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. In the course of this, the bank recorded charges of $ 79.5 million in the third quarter – in addition to the existing provisions for the dispute. The share was little modified.
The shares of the Helvetia insurance company, which fell 1.7 percent before the official start of trading, were under pressure. Raiffeisen is separated from its four percent stake and placed with institutional investors. The Zurich asset manager Mojmir Hlinka, by the way, expects a stand of the SMI of up to 9500 points by the end of the year:
The cash-exchange-talk of this week: #Aktien #Boersen #Geldanlage https://t.co/ozj73VB34g
– cash (@cashch) 15 September 2017
The Nikkei of the 225 leading stocks rose by 0.5 per cent to 19'903 points just before close of trading. Astellas Pharma accounted for 3.3% of the individual figures after a positive study of a cancer drug.
The reactions to the new rocket test were also limited in the other investment classes. So-called safe havens, in which investors postponed their funds in political crises, such as the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, or the gold, were sought – but the prices were only slightly higher. The euro maintained itself in the Far Eastern trade to the dollar. The single European currency lastly cost $ 1,1907. The Swiss franc was trading at around 0.9363 francs per dollar and about 1.1472 francs per euro.
North Korea had again fired a rocket of several thousand kilometers range over Japan despite the tightening of the UN sanctions on Friday due to its recent nuclear weapons test. The rocket was flown 3700 kilometers after the start near the capital Pyongyang and then plunged into the Pacific Ocean, the South Korean General Staff announced on Friday.
As shown in Fig
– 台灣 蘋果 日報 Taiwan News (@TW_nextmedia) September 15, 2017
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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