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+++ Stock Exchanges +++ – On Wall Street the bargain hunters are on the road News

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Economy

However, in the run-up to Thursday's central bank meeting in Jackson Hole, there is also a certain reluctance. "Many investors are waiting for what US bank banker Janet Yellen will say there," says Lindsey Bell of the analysis house CFRA Research. Above all, possible statements on inflation would be pursued with suspense to get an idea of ​​how the Fed is positioning itself with a view to further raising interest rates. ECB President Mario Draghi will also speak in Jackson Hole.
The Dow Jones index of default values ​​opens 0.3 percent more firmly at 21'764 points. The broader S & P 500 also increases by 0.3 percent to 2435 counts. The index of the technology network Nasdaq climbs by 0.5 per cent to 6242 places.
Among the individual values ​​Coty lose about 10 percent. The perfume and cosmetics manufacturer reported a surprise for the past quarter. The downside is also with Fiat Chrysler papers, which are losing 1 percent. Chinese Great Wall Motor has said Fiat did not contact Chrysler because of a possible entry. On Monday, the interest of the Chinese in the rival of their shares had driven up by almost 7 per cent.
The price of the euro on Tuesday returned its hefty previous day's gains and fell below 1.18 dollars. Lastly, the Community currency traded at 1.1751 dollars, which is a good half a percent below the level of the morning. Against the franc, the euro weakened slightly and fell to 1.1353 after 1.1377 in early trading. The dollar, however, rose to 0.9661 after 0.9640 Swiss francs.
The British bank HSBC sees the franc to the euro in the coming weeks to a level of 1.12:
CHF: Independent weakness – HSBC https://t.co/U3jyHTYjKZ #Banks #USDCHF #EURCHF
– FXStreet News (@FXstreetNews) August 22, 2017
The Swiss equities market presents itself friendly on Tuesday afternoon. The momentum from the opening phase, however, has been lost. The Nestlé share, which is the most important stock exchange capitalization according to stock market capitalization, has lost a considerable share of its early profits. As a trader also noted, the overall mood was more of caution.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) gained 0.56 per cent to 8'933.97 points at around 12 o'clock, the high of early trading is about 25 points higher. The 30 Swiss-based Swiss Leader Index (SLI), which does not contain the largest weightings, is 0.58 percent to 1'426.09 and the broad Swiss Performance Index (SPI) 0.54 percent 10'187.48. Of the 30 most important titles, 28 are in the plus and two in the minus.
Sonova (+1.6 per cent) are now in the first place, which have expanded their early gains and pushed Lonza (+1.4 per cent) from the top position. Since the beginning of the year, the two titles have been among the "outperformers" on the SIX. In addition to Lonza, Clariant (+1.3 percent) is another chemical company at the forefront. Pharmaceuticals such as Roche (+1.0 percent), Vifor (+1.0 percent) and Novartis and Swisscom (+ 0.7 percent) are also being asked for. The titles mentioned are more defensive. The same is true for Nestlé, which is now only 0.2 percent higher.
Cyclists like LafargeHolcim (+1.0 percent), ABB (+0.9 percent), Adecco (+0.6 percent) and Richemont (+1.2 percent) are also on the shopping lists. Richemont's outlook is likely to be linked to the release dates published on the reporting date, which showed a further recovery for the last hard-hit industry. The fact that the share of the branch neighbor Swatch (+0.4 per cent) can not keep up, is traced in the trade on the demand decrease with cheap clocks. This price segment is regarded as a paradigm for the Biel Group.
The blue chip UBS has the lowest light of -0.3 percent. The CS securities (+ 0.6%) are recorded on the reporting date unobtrusively. The music plays quite clearly in the broad market, where the shares of various titles according to the figures are in view. Orior (+5.3 percent) oscillate at the top. In the first half of the year, the food producer was able to implement more thanks to an acquisition, thereby increasing earnings more than expected by analysts.
Bossard (+3.0 per cent), VP Bank (+1.8 per cent) and Lucerne KB (+0.9 per cent) also performed well, while Schlatter (-1.8 per cent ) And particularly for Huber + Suhner (-7.6 percent). The company active in the electrical and optical connection technology increased strongly in the sales, on the results page the estimates were however quite clearly missed.
The European leading index EuroStoxx-50 rose by 0.43 percent towards the end of the morning to 3438.35 points. A bit of a backwind came from the weaker euro. On Monday, the sharp rise in the euro had weighed on the stock exchanges as a strong currency made it difficult to export.
Many market players, however, remain cautious. Ulrich Wortberg from Helaba explained his caution with seasonal patterns on the stock exchanges: "While the first half of the year traditionally works well for the Dax, the third quarter is marked by downward quotations," the strategist wrote in a market commentary.
This did not bother investors at first: the other European indices again made the move on Tuesday. The French CAC-40 index rose by 0.38 percent to 5106.78 points and the British FTSE 100 rose by 0.65 percent to 7366.31 meters. The German Dax climbed 0.6 percent to 12'140 points.
On Tuesday, investors were rewarding the results of the two mining companies Antofagasta and BHP Billiton. Chilean Antofagasta shares rose 4.6 percent to London's 998 pence, while British BHP stocks rose 3.7 percent to 1416 pence. The two values ​​led to the winner list in the British selection index "Footsie".
"It is a good thing for investors that the mines have reduced part of their debt and have achieved stable profits," said analyst Jasper Lawler from London Capital Group. The price of industrial metals has also been on the upswing for weeks, mainly because investors are betting on a continuing construction boom in China. Copper climbed the highest level for almost three years, and nickel needed for steel production cost as much as last December.
BHP Billiton: Rohstoffriese wants to get rid of US shale oil https://t.co/hPY6UxF7Si
– Handelsblatt ("Handelsblatt") 22 August 2017
The Swiss Stock Exchange is closing on Tuesday. Many investors thought the lower courses were a favorable entry level, traders said. However, they did not want to be fully engaged before the annual meeting of the Notenbundes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the second half of the week. From the meeting, they hope for future monetary policy.
The SMI increased by 0.6 percent to 8936 points. On Monday he had closed by 0.1 per cent higher after initial weakness. Uncertainty about US economic policy and the smoldering North Korean crisis had dampened investment readiness.
Whether the initial profits could be held, however, depend heavily on whether to buy after-sales, said a trader. "If, however, the follow-up purchases should fail, this could motivate the bears to start a new attack in the course of the next week," said a dealer.
The increase was driven primarily by the risk-tolerant and heavyweight pharmaceuticals Novartis and Roche, with a gain of 0.7 and 0.9 percent. With the shares of the pharmaceutical supplier Lonza, the food giant Nestlé, the fragrance and flavor maker Givaudan and the telecom company Swisscom, further defensive values ​​were in demand. They won one to two percent.
The shares of Credit Suisse and UBS banks were up 0.2% and 0.7%, respectively. The insurance values ​​tended to be friendly. Swiss Re gained 0.6 percent.
The shares of cyclical companies also showed a stronger majority. The shares of the luxury goods manufacturer Richemont increased by 1.2 percent and the Swatch watch group's shares were traded 0.5 percent higher. In July, watch exports rose by 3.6 percent. This is somewhat less strong than the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) with 5.4 percent expected. But it is the third consecutive month with rising exports and, according to the Directorate-General's assessment, shows that recovery is continuing.
In the broad market, Orior's shares stood out with a gain of 4.7 percent. The meat processor worked better than expected in the first half year. The Liechtenstein-based VP Bank and the screw trading company Bossard also performed better than expected and expressed a positive outlook for the stock.
On the other hand, Huber + Suhner's papers broke by five percent after submission of the interim balance sheet. In the cable specialist, profitability could not keep up with the strong growth. Therefore, analysts want to review their estimates.
A look at this tweet shows that the sentiment mood is good all over Europe.
Euro market open # FTSE100 + 0.62% #DAX + 0.60% # CAC40 + 0.34% #Dow Futures + 0.18% A / US $ 0.7914 (As at 6:50 pm AEST)
– CommSec (@CommSec) August 22, 2017
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) increases by 0.8 per cent to 8955 points immediately after the opening of the stock exchange.
Swatch (+0.7 per cent) and Richemont (+0.9 per cent) both increase, but roughly equal to the total market. Swiss watch exports continued to recover in July, although the growth rate remained slightly behind the last two months. Both stocks have developed significantly better than the market as a whole in the past year. Investors would speculate on a sustained recovery in the sale of watches, it said in the trade, the positive data should be thereby largely already priced.
Swiss watch exports for July reveal a slump in demand for watches in the price segment below 200 francs. $ WATCH WATCH
– cashInsider (@cashInsider) August 22, 2017
The heavyweights Nestlé (+0.5 percent) and Novartis (+0.7 percent) are tied to the gains from the previous day. The Roche "Bons" (+0.8 per cent) are also on the rise, but they had already tied back the overall market at the beginning of the week.
The music plays clearly on the broad market on Tuesday, where the shares of Lucerne KB (+0.9 percent), VP Bank (+ 2.4 percent), Industriewerte Schlatter (price unchanged), Huber + Suhner (-3.5 percent) and Bossard (+1.9 percent) and the food producer Orior (+4.4 percent).
With a plus of 2.3 per cent Straumann fall. For the title of the dental implant manufacturer, positive analyst comments are available according to the figures presented in the previous week and the announcement of a takeover. At Kepler Cheuvreux it is expected that Straumann will remain in double-digit growth over the next ten years thanks to the acquisition of ClearCorrect and will increase the rating to "Hold". At Jefferies the profit estimates and the price target were increased after the takeover.
Asia's stock exchanges have shown themselves friendly on Tuesday after the political chaos in Washington and the North Korean crisis initially did not burden the courses any further. The best was in Hong Kong, where the Hang-Seng index rose by nearly 1 percent in late trading. Overall, however, the trade was thin.
Support in uncertain times came from the yen, which slowed somewhat. This makes it easier for Japanese companies to export. The Nikkei 225 ended up barely changing at 19 383.84 points. On the previous days, the courses had clearly yielded.
No movement at the Nikkei 225: Geopolit. Tensions prevent recovery; New impulses expected by Jackson Hole https://t.co/uaXT4lnrqi pic.twitter.com/rTTD6jb8OV
– THE SHAREHOLDERS (@aktionaer) August 22, 2017
The North Korean crisis moved somewhat into the background. Even from the Trump government came no new badges. Investors are now focusing on the central bank conference in Jackson Hole, which runs from Thursday to Saturday. Among them are the heads of the US central bank and the European Central Bank, Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi.
Against this backdrop, the stock markets in Australia and South Korea also showed their friendly side and gained a good 0.4 per cent in the late Tuesdays. The Chinese CSI 300, which lists the most important values ​​of the continent, increased similarly.
The Swiss Market Index (SMI) increases by 0.2 percent in the pre-market, which is calculated by Julius Baer. In yesterday's trading, the lead index rose by 0.1 percent higher at 8884 meters.
There are currently no company news from SMI companies. All SMI stocks record between 0.1 to 0.3 percent in the margin. Only Swiss Life can grow slightly with a plus of 0.6 per cent.
Oil prices rose slightly on Tuesday in early trading. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 51.81 dollars in the morning. That was 15 cents more than on Monday. The price for a barrel of the American variety West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in October rose by 18 cents to 47.71 dollars.
On Monday, the oil prices had declined significantly by the evening. According to latest data from the oil cartel Opec, the self-imposed subsidy restrictions were last observed to a somewhat lesser degree. According to Kuwait's oil minister Issam Almarzooq, a possible extension or the end of the restrictions will be discussed in November.
Canada's oil industry is doomed if prices keep falling https://t.co/WEJZlZQnET pic.twitter.com/n9p942hGQ0
– Business Insider (@businessinsider) August 21, 2017
The Nikkei rose by 0.1 percent to 19,406 points. The broader topix stood at 1597 counters, which is an increase of 0.1 percent. Stock Strategist Isao Kubo of Nissay Asset Management said the mood was nervous. One reason is the conflict with North Korea. On Monday the southern neighbor and the US had begun their military exercises.
Investors, however, also fell back because leading banknotes come together in Jackson Hole in the US state of Wyoming. For example, Fed CEO Janet Yellen will give a speech. An appearance by ECB President Mario Draghi is planned for Friday. According to insiders, however, he will not announce a change in the price.
The dollar could grow on the foreign exchange markets. Compared to the Japanese currency, it cost 109.26 yen. The euro was priced at 1.1803 dollars.
(Cash / AWP / Reuters)


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