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Stefan Bradl: "Strange" crash in the first Portimao race

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 20:15

After the start Stefan Bradl was part of the team

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(cafetheology.org) – A strange crash drove Stefan Bradl on Saturday afternoon all hopes to convert the good training performance in Portimao (Portugal) into a countable race result. "It's a pity, because today the Top 10 were always possible," the German Superbike pilot sighs. After the direct qualification for the Superpole 2 on the previous day, the Honda driver with the eighth place was able to confirm the uptrend. From this position, Bradl also made a perfect start to the first race, thanks to which he could make two positions up to the first corner , "My start was great and I felt very comfortable right away, so I pushed naturally and was very aggressive," says the German. "I was able to keep up with the group by seventh place, eight." The 27-year-old was bravely in the first group of chasers before a non-controllable slide on the rear wheel ended his race at an early stage. In the unavoidable crash, Bradl hit the ground with his right wrist, but remained uninjured to a slight bruise , "I think I would have done well over the whole distance, but the crash in the third round has denied us this moment, the rear wheel slipped away from me in the penultimate corner, and I've been slipping for a long time," says Bradl the unfortunate moment. "This was really strange because I had absolutely no chance to do anything." "In the end, I flew over the handlebars, but luckily, I'm fine with slight pain in my right wrist "We have had a slight spinning from the start, but the rear wheel does not stop bothering at the moment." On Sunday, Bradl has a second chance to make the upward trend a good one Result. In the second race, which also starts at 4:00 pm CEST, the number is on eleven. "This is a very annoying part of the race today, because our performance was really good this weekend, and luckily there will be the next chance tomorrow, which we hope will be better.


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